Is Honoring the Confederacy Like Honoring Nazi Germany?

Well it seems Al Mackey has found a long lost brother not only for bigotry, ignorance but also hate.

Here is a website that all Southern Patriots should address to right some of those ignorant post that are allowed to appear as facts. I would post but I do not have a Facebook account, which is where the most comments are made. I didn’t address the charge of treason simply because the charge of treason is a phony charge.

I can post this here and address Mackey and Allen Clifton. I can post too the Discus section on the website

1. Hitler like Lincoln started their respective war by invading peaceful countries.

2. Hitler and Lincoln both arrested political enemies and newspapers editors who disagreed with them.

3. The invasion, murder, rape pillage and burning of civilians and their property by Union soldiers is the same as what Hitler’s army did. The scorched earth policy of Sherman and his views toward blacks are more in tune with Nazi Germany.

4. The attacks on the Native Americans at Sand creek , killing unarmed men women and children by the Union army is the same thing Hitler’s army did.

5. The removal of the women at Roswell Georgia is the same type of thing the Nazi army did with the Jews.

6. Abe Lincoln’s quotes regarding blacks is more in (goose) step with Nazi Germany than that of Davis, Lee, Jackson, Stephens or other southern major players.

7. The racist attitude of the US Army toward blacks until about 1955 when the US military was integrated is more like Nazi Germany. The USCT were not considered to be on the same level as the white US forces. They were paid less.

8. The Black slaves and soldiers of the Confederacy were paid equal to that of the white CSA soldiers and were even allowed to draw pensions!!!!

9. Much like the German soldiers executing American POWs the Union executed surrendering Confederates at Marianna, Florida.

10. The Germans and The Yankees persecuted the Jews; see Grant’s order to remove Jews from Tennessee.

11. Lincoln’s policies and ideas of a strong central government (dictator communism socialism) were admired by Lenin, Stalin and Hitler. The Confederacy was exactly what none of them wanted.

12 The Yankee POW camps were more or less the same as Nazi concentration death camps. The POWs were starved, abused and tortured beyond belief even while medical supplies and clothing was at hand.

13. It was the Union army who employed Germans within their ranks. This is proven by the German pension information I have already posted. Sorta makes me wonder how many descendants of these German soldiers would later fight against the US or imprison a Jew???

14. Like the Nazi’s of the 1930’s, for the Yankee sympathizers there is still a hate today for their fellow countryman, even though they are of the same race, state or country. Most Nazi sympathizers have gone quite while most Yankee sympathizers continue to spew their vomit of hate, bigotry and biased ignorance toward anyone who knows more about the War for Southern Independence. They do this while hiding behind a wall of religion or grasping for some other moral high ground. Shame they have no clue the high ground is located in the truth.

15. The imprisonment of Japanese Americans was the same as Hitler did to the Jewish Germans

16. At Waco the The United States had no problem in killing women and children, much like Hitler’s Gestapo.

15. Last but not least, I am not saying there is a family connection, I know this is not the most numerous surname on the planet, but —-

Adam Hitler (First_Last)
Regiment Name 16 Massachusetts Infantry
Side Union
Company E
Soldier’s Rank_In Prv.
Soldier’s Rank_Out Prv.
Alternate Name
Film Number M544 roll 19

Christ Hitler (First_Last)
Regiment Name 1 U.S. Res. Corps Mo. Inf.
Side Union
Company G,K
Soldier’s Rank_In Pvt.
Soldier’s Rank_Out Pvt.
Alternate Name Christian/Hittler
Film Number M390 roll 22


Hatewatch 3

Over on hate watch

This is a portion of a thread —–

Rob Baker • 2 days ago
The bad thing about deleting a poster’s comments is you miss out on the opportunity to witness the stupidity.
This comment is awaiting moderation. Show comment.

This comment is awaiting moderation. (This would be my coment.GP)

Aron GeorgePurvis • 2 days ago
You have never, not once, provided any facts.
Begone, spammer.

Rob Baker Aron • a day ago
Yea, I was banned from Georgie’s website after I destroyed over what he argued was Abraham Lincoln’s slave.. lol

GeorgePurvis Rob Baker • a day ago
You didn’t destroy anything. You were banned because you asked the same thing 15 ways. here is the link.

Rob Baker GeorgePurvis • a day ago
Really George? I thought you said I was banned for making a rude comment and I wouldn’t apologize for it. Due tell George, what did I say over and over that I would not reply to?
Which in reality was because I banned you from my website due to your racist comments towards a Puerto Rican friend of mine.
But yes, I invite people to read that post. It’s hilarious.

Notice Baker just could not keep himself from being insulting. I guess that is what you do when the gang is around and you can hide behind a keyboard.

Now let’s take a look at what Rob is talking about shall we?
He states I banned him for comments on my blog post about Lincolns slave which was posted on Posted on July 15, 2014 at

But if a person searches the archives a little more we see Baker posting on the blog post
How Dumb Does One Have to Be in Order to Be a Neoconfederate? Posted on July 18, 2014 at

On my calendar July 18 comes after July 15.

I really don’t know exactly what post I refused to allow Baker’s comments to show up nor do I care. I have just proved Baker is not telling the truth here and that is all I really need to do.

Now Baker I am going to do you a favor. I want you to prove I am a liar. I want you to post HERE the exact racist remark I made. You only get this one shot at glory. I suggest you take it.

Hatewatch 2

After my previous post on the SPLC “Hatewatch”, Rob Baker decided he would trot his butt over there and make a post or two. He rightly states that since my posts have been deleted it is hard to know what I posted. He goes on to tell the lie he destroyed me on the Lincoln slave post and I banned him. Not so. I banned Rob because he was insulting and argumentative.

At any rate Baker makes up his on blog post about the issue at As usual he really adds nothing worthwhile to this post, just a lot of parroting what has already been said. He does however try to justify taking down or possibly banning the Confederate battle flag on the Courthouse lawn at Chattooga County, Georgia because they were not “fighting to secede.” Well Baker that really doesn’t matter. You see TODAY there are people who live in the South, Chattooga County, specifically who want to honor their Confederate heritage for a whole month. Here in the United States they have that right.

The fact that the said minister, Rev. Missouri is a local or not, has no bearing on the issue. he is ignorant of the facts of the War For Southern Independence. His actions are based on ignorance and bigotry, just like your actions are.

Baker also references Mackey’s post, Veterans Day 2014 at The last sentence of Mackey’s post is this So when someone from the heritage instead of history crowd tries to tell you confederate veterans are American veterans by act of Congress, you can set them straight.</em>

We can tell Mackey is not a bigot, he didn’t capitalize “scum” in this sentence Over at Crossroads, Brooks has highlighted why many confederate heritage advocates are despicable scum

You are correct Al, they ARE NOT American veterans by an act of Congress, they are American Veterans by the act of BIRTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congress simply gives them veteran rights.


Recently visited  Southern law Poverty Centers page Mayor: Confederate Flag at Rural County Courthouse ‘Must Come Down” at

I made several civil factual comments to the comments that had been posted. Today I notice all my comments have been removed “for moderation” while the hate filled replies to my comments are still posted. In order to see my posts you must click on “show comment.” Now I have no problem with my post being removed if they are insulting or in some other way inappropriate, but these were not.

The really ironic thing about this page is it comes under the title of —-

Fighting Hate • Teaching Tolerance • Seeking Justice

The Hatewatch blog is managed by the staff of the Intelligence Project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, an Alabama-based civil rights organization.

So I wonder what hate are they watching for? There is plenty directed toward me. I also wonder were the intelligence is located all I see in the comments is ignorance.

My last post, this morning, to this blog was a link to Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation and Education  and to cold Southern Steel, let’s see if these links stick until tomorrow. ( I have reposted the links in the last ten minutes)

Confederate Jasmine in Bloom

Here is a photo of my Confederate Jasmine in full bloom. It will spread to about 20 feet in each direction bit I keep it cut back to about 5 foot. The fragrance fills my whole yard with a very sweet smell.

jasmine 034

Close up.
jasmine 035

Carolina or Butternut Jessamine:
Not as fragrant but still a nice sweet smell. Looks beautiful and the bees love it. Note the number of blooms on the ground.

jasmine 001

The Un-American SCV Strikes Again

Well it appears from this blog post Al Mackey has his brain in neutral again.

Mackey is calling the SCV un-American because they want to protect Confederate heroes day and not change the day to Civil War Remembrance Day. Duh Mackey when is it American to  erase another heritage and days to honor your heroes.

Why should anyone except a yankee want to honor a horde of who came down and destroyed your cities and towns, stole everything that could be removed, killed, raped and burned at will and without any shame what-so-ever.

To be clear I am not for removing the Lincoln Monument. I think we should have a monument to America’s most famous tyrant and war criminal. It will remind us that  that  can and have been elected to govern this country. It will caution us that we need to educate ourselves about the people who we elect to important postions in our government.

Oh Mackey, no need to send in the clowns, you are already there.

The 22nd USCT Enters Richmond

Renowned. This word is used in a source used by Al Mackey at Let’s take a look at the defination

1. having a widespread, esp good, reputation; famous

Now that we have a clear meaning of the word let’s take a few other facts into consideration of this renowned unit.

I did a search of the Official Records for the 22nd/Twenty Second USCT? United States Colored Troops. Using these search features I got all sorts of hits including dates and Confederate units. The most hits I got for the 22nd USCT was in organizational reports of the Union army. If I am not mistaken there only one insignificant entry for this unit. Now I admit I could have missed something important, but that info just didn’t pop up in my search. I am just saying a RENOWNED unit should get a little more mention in the ORs.

I then went to Mackey’s other sources of information he had posted. Starting at the bottom of the list with —;amp;cc=moa&idno=aby3439.0005.001&q1=camp&q2=william&q3=penn&frm=frameset&view=image&seq=1023
Title: History of Pennsylvania volunteers, 1861-5; prepared in compliance with acts of the legislature, by Samuel P. Bates.

Author: Bates, Samuel P. (Samuel Penniman), 1827-1902.

Looking at the page I see that the 22nd was engaged at various locations. In an effort to find more information about this unit I chose to use the most unique search term that was available, that being Chapin’s farm. Guess what there is no Chapin’s farm shown in the ORs. Oh my goodness!!!!

Mackey’s next source gets me to All right some meat to sink our teeth into. We are gonna see a real bonafied RENOWNED unit in action. As I looked at the list of engagements, I noticed Chapin’s Farm had became Caffin’s Farm or New Market. Well I zeroed in on Caffin’s Farm and guess what I got one hit. One. It was after action report of losses. Needless to say, after spending a couple of hours wading through the jungle of OR hits or misses whichever pleases you, I was exhausted. I up and quit. yep this RENOWNED unit is well hidden in the annuals of history.

So what we see is a unit formed in 1864, fought in some of the biggest and bloodiest battles of the war in a little over a year only lost 72men officer and enlisted in battle. Foxes Regt. losses found at only mentions the 22nd USCT once and gives the losses at 14. Not much for a RENOWNED unit. Looks like you have a choice of sources.

So what does this show us? It shows that Mackey is just posting anything he can find on the web to promote the Unions illegal war on the South. This history has not proven to be accurate. These are sources Mackey’ uses he is the ‘historian.” I am just a researcher