I am back folks

I have been away for at least a month dealing with either the most bigoted, or most ignorant people on earth. I took Confederate History Month, the extended version, to Craigslist and boy did the sparks fly. I found myself spending to much time there so I need to back out and focus on other projects— Like Al Mackey.

He seems to have been a good boy for a while, but I noticed he slipped back in his old grove lately. One blog post of his I want to address is this one —

Alabama Secretary Of State Says Confederates Fought For A ‘Special’ Way Of Life
at https://studycivilwar.wordpress.com/2016/05/05/alabama-secretary-of-state-says-confederates-fought-for-a-special-way-of-life/

lets take a quick look–

“That way of life, of course, was based on enslavement of what they regarded as an inferior race.”
Of course Mackey will not recognize any racism in n the North he is too biased for that, but that is why we have the Northern Black codes, and the United States Colored Troops. Just to name a couple.

And, of course, Alabama prior to the Civil War was built on the backs of enslaved people, which was how the slave owners “took care of themselves.”
Hummm I wonder where the slave traders got their money and perhaps those textile mills up North would never buy cotton picked by slaves!!!!

The confederacy, as we know, existed to protect and perpetuate the institution of slavery based on white supremacy. That’s why “In Alabama and across the country, people have been demonstrating
Ok Mackey I’ll call your bluff. Prove to us, using documents of the period,that the Confederacy existed to perpetuate the institution of slavery. Go ahead drag out the Confederate Constitutionn and I will drag out the US Constitution. Show us please where any leader from either said we are fighting to either keep the slave or free them.

‘I feel scared when I see it,’ said Winter Brooks, an African-American student at American University. ‘It’s a symbol of hate, of pro-slavery, anti-blackness, anti-minorities. It’s frightening.’ “
Gosh Mackey what do you expect them to say. It’s what their mamas taught them . I’ll bet most of these negroes couldn’t pass a 5th grade history test on the War for Southern Independence. I know you can’t.