Some tweets from Nick Sacco—,

marked and tagged to this Grant article because it is where I found these tweets. I assume the NCPH is this organization Note that it costs to join? To me that is hardly a public institution. One can join and discuss history in many free sites without joining a group that requires payment. Another thought why should we think they are unbiased?

Nick Sacco

4 hours ago

NCPH criticized UNC’s plans for the Silent Sam monument partly b/c it left historians out of the decision-making process, but Jonathan Zimmerman is angry at NCPH, students (particularly minority students), & faculty who criticized the new history center.


Given the fact that historians’ perspectives have been disregarded so far, what makes Zimmerman think those voices will be valued if this history center is completed? The criticisms have been valid so far. Just a really condescending essay all around.


Here are some tweets from Nick Sacco. I( understand that Mr. Sacco is a historian who works at Genl. Grant’s old home. Published by Nick Sacco
Historian and musician on a perpetual mission to find the next great read.

So this being known and given the nature of Nick’s tweets I ask simply —Why should we believe a biased and bigoted Yankee historian? Why not a Southern historian. Are there any unbiased historians known who can actually give the causes of the war. why not me? I back up everything I say with actual documents of the period. I have challenged anyone who comes down the pike to prove me wrong, none has done so at this time. So again I say to you why should we believe you or any other biased historian?

Nick you can send any of your readers to challenge me that you will. You are welcome to post civil remarks here. Folks for the most part Mr. Sacco has been civil in what few comments he has made here, I do not want you to get the wrong impression from my post.

George Purvis


Al Mackey still telling his lies. Has no facts to

back up what he says.

As Jerry Springer says
1. Lie number one—

There’s the typical phony claim that there was no threat to slavery, so secession couldn’t have been about slavery. Tell that to the secessionists, who told us in no uncertain terms it was about slavery.

Ok Mackey show us the threat to slavery. It is that simple. Show us where Buchanan or Lincoln wanted to end slavery on the Secession crisis. It is just that simple. Maybe you should read the ENTIRE Secession docs yourself and and see all the reasons. Yes slavery was a cause for 4 states but NOT THE ONLY CAUSE

2. Lie number two–
Then there’s the normal SCV lie about tariffs, when tariffs had little, if anything, to do with secession.
Revenue was an issue, just read the words of Buchanan, Lincoln and Johnson here—

Yes this is own SHAPE website, if you think it is not accurate you can always chase down the sources yourself.

3. Lie Number three—

There’s also the claim about only a small percentage of the population in the South owning slaves, which is lying by telling a half truth, since it ignores all the family members of those slave owners, it ignores all those who rented slaves, and it ignores those who directly benefited from the slavery system without owning slaves of their own.

Of course it doesn’t show how many of these slaveowners were loyal to the Union or may have fought for the Union. All family members DID NOT own a given slave only the one whom the slave was registered to as being owned by.

4. Lie Number four–
It also ignores the fact that slavery was a social institution of racial control in addition to being an economic institution. He claims slavery was not “THE issue” of the Civil War, when very clearly for the confederates it was, to the point of even driving the strategy they chose to use to fight the war. Unfortunately, the economics/philosophy student

Mackey, I have challenged you many times to show proof of this statement, yet you never do. Without some proof why shoulder we believe you? You just tell one lie after another.

5. Lie number Five —
The next case comes from this story. The SCV guy here claims the “education system” should teach “true history,” and then no one would have a problem with confederate monuments. What he really means is schools should teach SCV lies as if they were true history. The conservative commentator sitting to the SCV person’s left claims confederate monuments are history and “You can’t teach history by erasure.” No, they aren’t history. They are artifacts of the time in which they were erected. Whatever history one may “learn” from confederate monuments is slanted, inaccurate, and tends to make one dumber about history. At least in this conversation there was a historian, though we didn’t hear much corrective from him regarding the misstatements being made.

Well Mackey this is an easy one. We do not have to look farther than you to see what sort of mess the education is in. You claim to be a history teacher, but in reality you are just a dyed in the wool bigot. Just look at how you refuse to post facts supporting your lies in this article. As to the Confederate monuments, why should we believe people like you, Sacco, Baker, Hall, Levin, Simpson or any other biased person opinions of these monuments? It is clear you hate anything Confederate, and you simply cannot or will not post actual facts. You do know what that makes you, right?

George Purvis

Now we know the truth about Mackey—

To sacred to come out and play. Always must have some protection from the big bad NEO-CONFEDERATES as he like to call us. COWARD!!!!

Nick Sacco twitted this ( out for his cowardly readers to see– George Purvis is a neo-Confederate who writes bullshit about me on his blog all the time. He missed the point of my…… 1 day ago

“George Purvis is a neo-Confederate who writes bullshit about me on his blog all the time. He missed the point of my essay about William Jones (no surprise) & always has grammar issues, but he actually said something nice about me today. I guess I’ll take it!”

Well to that I say this– Mr. Sacco I seldom, ever write about you and when I do it is because you have no idea of he history you are posting. That being the case you came right out the hole telling untruths. If and when I write about you it is not bullshit as you claim it is simply the truth.

Perhaps you simply missed the point of my blog post, eh????

So I make mistakes in grammar, I ‘ll take them, I’ll own them no problem. Are you going to own your lack of knowledge about the War between the States. Do you have enough backbone to do that?

Oh and by the way, I did submit a comment in the comment section but you failed to post it . Just tell the truth that is all you gotta do. CAN YOU?

So I am a neo Confederate? Call me what you will, you still can’t prove me wrong and you know that really gripes your butt.


Shoshana Bee

Dec 14

Replying to @NickSacco55
How on earth did Georgie Porgie find time to read your blog with his all-consuming, raging obsession with @AlbertMackey1 in full bloom???
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Albert Mackey

Dec 14

George Pervertis is a moron who is too stupid to even understand the posts he reads. He’s not worth thinking about.
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Nick Sacco

Dec 14

I don’t lose any sleep over him, but got a ping because he tagged the post and was pleasantly surprised to see a halfway nice thing about me there.

Nick, If a person posts the truth I do sometimes give them an attaboy. And if you you don’t lose any sleep over my post,

And folks wonder why Shoshana Bee doesn’t come here and correct my grammar for Nick Sacco. Is she afraid she might actually learn a historical fact? Perhaps she is afraid to find out how I have the time to actually some real history and not believe all the crap posted on the net. Huuuummmmm.

Anytime Bee anytime

Of course then there is Mackey making his ignorant comments which is nothing out of the ordinary for him. He should just get up off his fat butt and burn some fat, maybe get a gun or a slingshot, rock, football, stick or anything else he can find to throw– NOT YOUR BRAIN MACKEY — and discover for himself how an objects flight is affected by gravity. Perhaps you could actually pick up a real history book, that would be exercise for you, perhaps you could actually show us some real proof that the war was about slavery as you claim.


Oh and folks one more point– Notice who came out with the insults first? Typical wouldn’t you say?

The Rifle Musket in Civil War Combat

Or any gun for that matter.

Just had to laugh as Mackey tries to prove Shelby Foote’s statement “The reason for the high casualties is really quite simple: the weapons were way ahead of the tactics.” It turns out, Shelby was wrong–again. wrong.

NO, no, no, dum dum, your article proves nothing except that the trajectory of a bullet fired from a gun is not level and flat. That is any gun Mackey from the oldest to the newest. For a good idea on how this works look at this viedo of a 50 Cal. firing at night. Notice the arc?

Now I know that neither side had modern 50 cal. machine guns with tracer rounds to use so don’t try to go there. Arc is true regardless of the caliber of the gun. It is also true of missiles, torpedoes and even thrown rocks and footballs unless they overcome the force of gravity. Understand yet? Ain’t science just amazing?

Now Mackey, when 10,000 men are marching toward you in shoulder to shoulder files and you fire at 50 yards, what is the chance of everyone missing? Zero Mackey zero. Weather factors such as wind make very little difference at this range, gravity at this range only has a small effect. In other words if you fire at the top button and do not compensate for the drop you may hit somewhere between the top button and the second button.

So it easy to see that Foote was right.

Mackey the best thing you can do is get up off your fat butt and get some real life experience, quit hating so much.

George Purvis

Have some people finally turned the corner—

on admitting that slavery and racism was also part of the Yankee landscape? Is Mr. Sacco just toying with us? At any rate we finally get proof Grant owned a slave—

Me I say good job Mr. Sacco, it is about time we started getting the truth out.

By way of Mackey’s thinking, Grant owned slaves, therefore he was a racist.


The Latest on Silent Sam

According to Al Mackey this is the latest on Silent Sam—

A task force at the university has considered the fate of the monument and now there’s a proposal.

Carol Folt, the UNC Chancellor, announced to the Board of Trustees a plan to build a $5.3 million building to house the statue and provide contextualization. “The new, yet-to-be-named university history center would have ‘state-of-the-art’ security and an operating budget of $800,000 a year.” According to the report in the Atlantic, “The board considered putting the statue in one of several locations across campus. Folt said she would have preferred the new center be located off campus, but state law prevented the school from doing so. The board also consulted security experts, she said, who ‘recommended that the solution would require us putting the artifacts … in a single-purpose building.’ Public safety alone, she continued, would prevent the university from returning the statue to its base or another outdoor location on campus.” This solution will be controversial. “Chancellor Folt said that though Silent Sam does not belong ‘at the front door of a safe, welcoming, proudly public research university,’ state law requires that if monuments are removed, they ‘shall be relocated to a site of similar prominence, honor, visibility, availability.’ Essentially, the monument, the era of racist violence it represents, and its prominence on campus are buoyed by state law.”

I say that no matter what is done unless the truth is actually told the whole thing will be a waste of time. Let’s start with educating Ms Alecia Smith who wrote this–
One graduate student wanted to understand the mindset of those who support the statue. Her article describes how she, a black woman, created a Facebook page in which she impersonated a white student writing a proconfederate paper. She says, “I have been a UNC student since I began undergraduate study in 2011, and in these years, I have walked past the statue more times than I can recall.

Now Ms Smith if you would like an honest debate and actual facts, you are more than welcome here and post your views. I would hold your bigotry, ignorance and racism against you.

Ignorance of history is a real shame isn’t it Mackey?

George Purvis

Three or rather Four myths That Explain Why Americans Don’t Know Much About History

In response to your article at

#4. Mackey, We have people teaching history in this country who are filled with hate and bigotry like you, who promote nothing but lies. We have idiots (Your readers and Yankee apologist) who actually believe these lies despite being exposed to the truth.

That is the answer in a nutshell