Some documentation on Black Confederates.

This article and statement at —
written by Mike Musick is just typical of the arguments you will see against the idea of Black Confederates. “The National Archives and Records Administration has a substantial, though scattered, set of records for “Black Confederates.” Thousands of body servants, laborers, cooks, musicians, teamsters, etc., encamped with and served the Confederate Army. But if one is looking for African Americans who were regularly enlisted to serve under arms, both the subject and the sources are problematic. To my knowledge, no NARA records have come to light that document the service of African-American soldiers fighting for the South to any significant degree.”

We see that he gives the number “thousands”, to that I agree. In my reserach to date I have somewhere around 10,000 Black Confederates from every job Musick has listed. These Negroes supported the Confederacy in many ways regardless of their status slave or free. But the thing with this article is Musick throws in another qualifier, ARMED. By doing this Musick believe he can just throw away the service of slaves.

Is that accurate? I think not. Before I post any names and service, let’s take a look at some documentation that Musick and other Neo- Yankees seems to over look or dismiss.
This is the Union definition of a soldier. Should we think the Confederate definition is different?

6. In the fullest sense, any man in the military service who receives pay, whether sworn in or not, is a soldier, because he is subject to military law. Under this general head, laborers, teamsters, sutlers, chaplains, &c. are soldiers. In a more limited sense, a private soldier is a man enlisted in the military service to serve in the cavalry, artillery, or infantry. He is said to be enlisted when he has been examined, his duties of obedience explained to him, and after he has taken the prescribed oath.

General August Kautz’s, USA,”Customs of Service, for Non-Commissioned Officers and Soldiers” (1864), page. 11

Makes good sense to me that both sides would look at a man service the same.
This is the Union view about arming slaves or freed slaves as the case would be.—
The Congressional globe …page 218-219 is a reference that Negro soldiers have been used before July 22, 1861.

“Confistication Of Property”
Mr. TRUMBULL. As the yeas and nays are called for, I will state simply what it is, and all there is of it. The amendment provides that if any person held to service or labor in any State, under the laws thereof, (by which, of course, is meant a slave in any of these States,) if employed in aid of this rebellion, in digging ditches or intrenchments, or in any other way, or if use for carrying guns, or if used to destroy this Government, by the consent of his master, his master shall forfeit all right to him, and he shall be forever discharged; and I am glad the yeas and nays are called to let us see who is willing to vote that the traitorous owner of a negro shall employ him to shoot down the Union men of the country, and yet insist upon restoring him to the traitor that owns him. I understand that negroes were in the fight which has recently occurred. I take it that negroes who are used to destroy the Union, and to shoot down the Union men by the consent of traitorous masters, ought not to be restored to them. If the Senator from Kentucky is in favor of restoring them, let him vote against the amendment.

Mr. “WILSON. I shall vote with more heart than I vote for ordinary measures, for this proposition. I hope the Senate and the House of Representatives will sustain it, and that this Government will carry it out with an inflexibility that knows no change. The idea that men who are in arms destroying their country shall be permitted to use others for that purpose, and that we shall stand by and issue orders to our commanders, that we should disgrace our cause and our country, by returning such men to their traitorous masters, ought not longer to be entertained. The time has come for that to cease; and, by the blessing of God, as far as I am concerned, I mean it shall cease. If there is anybody in this Chamber that chooses to take the other path, let him do it; let him know what our purpose is. Our purpose is to save this Government and save this country, and to put down treason; and if traitors use bondmen to destroy this country, my doctrine is that the Government shall at once convert those bondmen into men that cannot be used to destroy, our country.

I have no apologies to make for this position. I take it proudly. 1 think the time has come when this Government, and the men who are in arms under the Government, should cease to return to traitors their fugitive slaves, whom they are using to erect batteries to murder brave men who arc fighting under the flag of their country. The time has come when we should deal with the men who are organizing negro companies, and teaching them to shoot down loyal men for the only offense of upholding the flag of their country. I hope further, sir, that/there is a public sentiment in this ■ country that will blast men who will rise in the Senate or out of it to make apologies for treason, or to defend or to maintain the doctrine that this Government is bound to protect traitors in converting their slaves into tools for the destruction of the Republic.

February 24, 1863.

The Debates and Proceedings of the 3rd Session of the 37th United States Congress, page 1255.
Now, a word in reply to the gentleman from Kentucky [Mr. MALLORY] on the employment of negroes in the Army. It seems, indeed, that no gentleman on that side can make a speech on any subject without having something to say about the negro. I call the attention of the gentleman to an extract from a letter I lately received from an officer of the Army with whom he and some of his colleagues are acquainted. The extract is as follows:

“At Chickasaw Bluffs I sat on my horse and saw black men shooting our men. I saw the men of the fifty-fourth Indiana, sixteenth Ohio, and twenty-second Kentucky drop In their tracks under the fire of confederate nigger butternuts.”
I beg to call the attention of gentlemen also to the proceedings of the rebel congress on this subject:

”NEGRO Soldiers TO BE SOLD.—The confederate house of representatives have passed a bill authorizing the Impressment of slaves and property for the use of the army, and have adopted a resolution instructing the committee on the Judiciary to report a bill providing for the sale of all negroes taken in arms against the confederacy, the proceeds to be divided among the captors.”
I have also seen a statement, which I believe to be correct, that the adjutant general of the rebel army had issued an order for the conscription as soldiers of all colored males of suitable age, having any white blood in their veins. They can find, plenty of that kind there, black enough to be slaves and white enough to shoot dawn the free white men of the North. Yet we are not to employ negroes in the Army!

Mr. YEAMAN. Am I to understand that the negroes who fought at Chickasaw Bluffs were in a Kentucky regiment on our side?
Mr. DUNN. No, sir. Negroes were in the ranks of the rebels, shooting down our soldiers from Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.
Mr. WADSWORTH. I have never yet deemed the conduct of the rebels as worthy either of our admiration or imitation. There are few things, indeed, hitherto done by them that a true Kentuckian approve; and I beg to assure the gentleman that the employment of negroes as soldiers by traitors gives no additional sanction to such atrocious conduct, and I am truly glad that the gentleman has been compelled in his search for authority for this black business to resort to the ranks of the rebels.
Mr. DUNN. Sir, I am stating facts to show that our delicacy in regard to the employment of negroes in the military service is not reciprocated by our enemies. Under present circumstances, I care no more for the color of the man that fires a musket at our foe than I do for the color of the cannon that opens its road of death through their ranks.
February 24, 1863.

As you see I do not have to play with words or terms to make my point. My sources are solid and I stand behind them or on them whichever you prefer. Even those listed as slaves Musick cannot prove one way or the other if they were armed or not. That information is just not available. The fact of the matter is we have many WHITE MEN serving in the Confederate forces that may or may not be armed.

Tomorrow more documentation.


Some newspaper articles aregarding Confederate Monuments

Confederate Memorial Day.
Savannah, Ga., April 27.

Confederate Memorial Day was observed by a
suspension of business and a parade of the societies of veterans and Sons of Veterans, escorted by the Savannah Volunteer Guards. The Confederate monument in Forsyth Park was decorated and flowers and wreaths were placed on the ?raves of the Confederate dead in Laurel Grove Cemetery.


Some newspaper articles on Confederate Monuments–

Just a few. Nothing about Jim Crow or White Supremacy. Mackey you are lying.

Grant The Racist part 2

Article from THE JEWISH RECORD, New York, Jan.13,1863.



A chapter of outrages committed against a co-religionist and his lady, in the West Tennessee Department—How Israelites are treated by military officers of the U.S.

An Israelite, formerly largely engaged in the Southern trade, and who at the outbreak of the war was a resident of the State of Georgia, has just returned to this city [New York] on important family business. He has furnished our reporter with the following incidence of his travel through the Union lines.

He left his late residence on the 12th ult. In company with a young lady, to whom he is engaged to be married, and three [other] gentlemen, and after passing the Confederate lines, arrived at Oxford, Miss., on the 18th of last month. Here he was conducted to the headquarters of Col. [sic. Brigadier-General Leonard F.] Ross, of Ill., who received him very courteously and directed the party to the Provost Marshal of the Department, who would undoubtedly grant them passes. This official at once handed them the passports, but before the party could leave the office he took the passports back and tore them up. He then had the whole party conducted before Colonel, now Brigadier-General, [C. Carroll] Marsh, of Illinois, who immediately ordered the party under arrest, when the following conversation ensued between our informant and the Colonel:

Gentleman.—”I should like to know the cause of our detention.”
Colonel.—”I do not feel inclined to give any.—in about half an hour you will leave for Cairo and Alton.”
Gentleman.—”Colonel, can I sell my horse and buggy?”
Colonel.—”No, sir. You have nothing to sell. You have to leave on the next train under guard.”

No time was given to either gentlemen or lady to change their clothing, notwithstanding they were soaking wet, or to refresh themselves, permission being refused by Col. Marsh, amidst a volley of oaths.

Four horses, for which the gentleman paid $650, and the buggy, worth $250, were seized, and when a receipt was asked, Col. Marsh replied, “I will see you d—-d first.” The whole party was then placed in charge of Lieut. Wital, of a Chicago regiment, and, in the midst of a piercing cold, conveyed by railroad to Holly Springs.

At Holly Springs the prisoners were taken to a hotel, where, during the night, they were visited by a Polish co-religionist named Black, married to a Miss Hirsch, of [New York], who stated that he was authorized by Captain Hogan, the chief detective of the place, to promise them free [sic] passes, provided they would pay $100 each.

Four of the parties signed the obligation to pay, when Captain Hogan took the paper and cried out, “You intend to bribe a U.S. officer!” He locked the door until the next morning at 4 o’clock, when he returned, stating that each of the parties were fined $100, which was paid, when they were sent under guard to Bolivar, where they remained two days. On the road Col. Marsh was on the train, when he again commenced his abuse of the party in the most ungentlemanly manner, using opprobrious names and oaths in unlimited number, for which the young lady took him so severely to task that he left the car.

They left Bolivar on the 21st for Jackson, Tenn., on a soldiers’ train, which was pushed forward with great celerity, as the commander feared an attack, but they arrived safely at their destination, where they had to take quarters at their own expense and remained ten days, when they were sent to Cairo, Ill.

Here they were handed the following order:

Cairo, Ill., Jan.4,1863.

Mr. B.:

Sir,—In accordance with instructions from Headquarters Dept. of West Tenn., you are hereby ordered to leave the Department forthwith, and not return during the continuance of this Rebellion.

By order of Brig. Gen. J[ames].M. Tuttle,
J.B. Sample, Capt. And Adj.

Our informant asked Gen. Tuttle why he was expelled from the Department. The only reply was: “Because you are Jews, and they are neither a benefit to the Union or Confederacy.”

While at Holly Springs, the trunk of the lady, with its contents, valued at $800, was wantonly burnt by the soldiers, and the pockets of the whole party were picked while at the Provost Marshal’s office and on the way to the hotel and cars.

The gentleman also informed our reporter that the lady had been rudely treated and insulted by many officers.

Comment is unnecessary.

Grant the Racist– Another statue that should be removed

In Philly–

Order #11–

General Orders #11
Holly Springs, December 17, 1862.

The Jews, as a class violating every regulation of trade established by the Treasury Department and also department orders, are hereby expelled from the department within twenty-four hours from the receipt of this order.
Post commanders will see that all of this class of people be furnished passes and required to leave, and any one returning after such notification will be arrested and held in confinement until an opportunity occurs of sending them out as prisoners, unless furnished with permit from headquarters.
No passes will be given these people to visit headquarters for the purpose of making personal application for trade permits.

By order of Maj. Gen. U.S. Grant:
Assistant Adjutant-General.

Official Records of the War of the Rebellion, Series I, Vol. 17, Part II, p. 424.

The Order is Rescinded

Washington, January 4, 1863.

Major-General GRANT,
Holly Springs, Miss.:

A paper purporting to be General Orders, No. 11, issued by you December 17, has been presented here. By its terms it expels all Jews from your department. If such an order has been issued, it will be immediately revoked.


Holly Springs, Miss., January 7, 1863.

By direction of General-in-Chief of the Army, at Washington, the general order from these headquarters expelling Jews from the department is hereby revoked.

By order of Maj. Gen. U.S. Grant:

Assistant Adjutant-General.

But it still shows that Grant didn’t trust the Jewish people

Let’s be Honest about the roots of Confederate Mounments

Let’s be honest about the roots of Confederate monuments —

and a Yankee or two–

Lincoln quote–“I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races, that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will for ever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.”

Lincoln quote 2–America was made for the White people and not for the Negroes” (p. 211), and “at least twenty-one times, he said publicly that he was opposed to equal rights for Blacks.” “What I would most desire would be the separation of the white and black races,” said Lincoln (Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, vol. 2, p. 521).

Lincoln 3– As a member of the Illinois legislature Lincoln urged the legislature “to appropriate money for colonization in order to remove Negroes from the state and prevent miscegenation” (p. 228). As president, Lincoln toiled endlessly with plans to “colonize” (i.e., deport) all of the black people out of America. This is what Bennett calls Lincoln’s “White Dream,” and more recent research of the very best caliber supports him. I refer to the book Colonization after Emancipation by Phillip Magness of American University and Sebastian Page of Oxford University that, using records from the American and British national archives, proves that until his dying day Lincoln was negotiating with Great Britain and other foreign governments to deport all of the soon-to-be-freed slaves out of the U.S.

Lincoln 4–In Illinois, the state constitution was amended in 1848 to prohibit free black people from residing in the state. Lincoln supported it. He also supported the Illinois Black Codes, under which “Illinois Blacks had no legal rights. White people were bound to respect.”

And I have more

The Big Picture– Real History Mackey refuses to accept

Dr. Massey says, “The controversy over the removal of Confederate monuments offers an opportunity to counter one of the biggest lies in American public discourse: the view that the Civil War was fought over the issue of ‘states’ rights’ rather than slavery.

And yet again another one of Mackey’s sources offers NOT ONE source proving the war was about slavery. I never knew there were this many idiots in the US.

Mackey Lies about Jim Crow too—

“Gopnik continues to trace the white supremacist developments in the Jim Crow years, the foundation of which was laid during Reconstruction in the wake of the terrorism, vote fraud, and criminal overthrow of legitimate state governments in the South. This is an excellent article.”

So that means that he overlooked Jim Crow’s big brother from the North, John Crow!!! Notice there is no mention of the Northern Black Codes?????

Oh and I see Musick is following Mackey, no wonder he is biased in his writing.