Reasons not to Remove the New Orleans statues

—-or anywhere else for that matter.

Only a couple of examples. For more reading go to —-

Official report relative to the conduct of federal troops in western Louisiana during the invasions of 1863 and 1864 Compiled from sworn testimony, under direction of Governor Henry W. Allen
Published 1865

Page 64 —
A Capt. De West, of Mower’s division, with two privates; after pilfering sundry inconsirerable articles, espied a silver watch on the persou of a Negro man. He was in his master’s yard, watching the extraordinary spectacle of white men stealing in the open day, little dreaming that his own watch was in any danger. They relieved him of the encumbrance very speedily. (Affidavit No. 9.)

A characteristic instance of their affectionate care for the blacks is developed in affidavit No, 4. The affiant, you will perceive, is a free Negress. —– She speaks with feeling of the loss of her sheets, table cloths and looking-glasses, her knives, forks and plates. Perhaps I shall be more graphic if I transcribe her own words. “The Yankees,” says the woman, ” came to my house the first day they entered town, and commenced stealing my poultry. On seeing me they asked who I was. I told them. They asked me who my master was. I said I had no master, that I was a free colored woman. They said I lied and that my master was hid. They commenced pillaging the house, taking out my knives and forks, plates, and table cloths, sheets, and looking glasses, and then palled down my house, which was a frame house- They asked me who the house belonged to. I told them it belonged to me, at which they cursed me, and called me liar again, and said niggers could not own property in the South, and before they stopped the house was cleaned pulled down, and even the bricks taken out of the chimney. My own clothes, and my daughter’s, a grown woman, were all taken by them—among them some merinos and lawns, and my husband’s gold watch, which I minded more than the clothes. My husband has been dead two years.”

Page 65 —

The daughter of this free Negress, (Affidavit No. 6), went on the same day to Gen. Mower, and told him his soldiers had stolen ” all her clothes, bonnets and jewelry.” She got no satisfaction, and made no further effort to recover them, nor did she get back anything. ” The Yankees said we should not have our things back; that they knew they were not ours, for colored people were not allowed to own so much property down here. * * * I went to Col. Shaw and told him the Union soldiers had killed and taken away my mother’s hog, and had taken all of her provisions, and wanted him to give me some. He said I could go and kill some of the rebels’ hogs ; that if I wanted to stay down here, I could get the rebels to feed me.”

The most horrible incident I read—

The Civil War reminiscences of Major Silas T. Grisamore, C.S.A.
By Arthur W. Bergeron

Page 123 – Passing into a sugar house nearby, I saw one of the most horrible sights I ever witnessed. There were about fifty Negro men and women lying around, some of them dead, others dying, some of them being eaten by worms before life was extinct, the whole scene presenting a panorama of fifth, destitution and misery, that it is to be hoped it will seldom be seen again in any country. The roads from Franklin to Tigerville, were lined with negroes half starved, destitute of clothing, and unable to help themselves. The only question of the poor wretches who had been two months experiencing Federal sympathy and charity, was the inquiry of their master was coming after them. Hundreds of them were taken back to their old homes and their lives thus saved by their former owners.”

All of this occurred when Yankees came to town waving the UNITED STATES flag


‘Tis the Season for Discrimination

A very nice story by Rob Baker at

This is one story I encourage everyone to read and think abou. I would give Baker an excellent mark if he had left out the anti-Republican rhetoric out.

The reason I support public aids for the handicap, is the fact my wife is recovering from leg surgey. You wouldn’t believe the perfectly healthy people who use the handicap parking spaces. No calling the police just does not work. And just being honest 90% of thes violators are black.

BTW Rob the Southern Poverty Law Center is a racist and biased organization. I have tried to inform them about Black Confederates but they turned a deaf ear. Perhaps you can get Isabel to clean up that den of hate and help them open their minds to historical fact???

And folks this is under the UNITED STATES flag,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But It’s Not Racist

We have this gem from Al Mackey at

titled But it is not racist.

So Mackey prove racism is involved. Prove that because you are a bigot, your whole family is not. Prove the NAACP and Black Lives Matter is not racist.

My point– the racism door swings both ways.

The situation in New Orleans

Fellow Southerners,

As you all know by now, the City of New Orleans voted to remove the Confederate monuments from the city on a “nuisance complaint.” This isn’t over, so do not overreact to the situation.

A lawsuit seeking to permanently enjoin and prevent the removal of the Confederate monuments was filed in federal court only hours after the vote was taken in the city council. The federal judge has let everyone know to cool it for now. There will be a hearing in January with the New Orleans City Attorney and the attorney for the plaintiffs present and an injunction will be decided after that.

For now, what we need to do is let the legal system work. We have a very strong case that has been in the making for months now. We all knew that this day was coming, so preparations were made and have now been implemented. The time for phone calls and writing has passed. The judge wants all sides to calm down and that is what I am asking all of you to do. It will do no good to aggravate the legal system when we aren’t losing anything. The monuments still are where they have always been.

What we will need is financial help. Like the doctor said when Lincoln was born, “This is gonna get ugly.” It is also going to be expensive. The plaintiffs, of which the Beauregard Camp No.130 is one, have raised money for legal fees and the Heritage Defense Fund has helped so that we are even money with the attorneys for now. That won’t last. Please send whatever you can because come January the fight will be on.

The address to send to is:

Beauregard Camp 130
P.O. Box 145
Arabi, LA. 70032

Please put in the memo line of your check “Monument Defense”

Gentlemen, I know that you all want to storm the gates but please let the people who have handled this awful situation since August continue to do so. They have all proven to be quite competent. I want to thank the P.G.T. Beauregard camp for taking the lead in this. I also thank CIC Kelly Barrow and the GEC for their leadership and support.

Thanks to all of you. Keep praying for justice.

Thomas E. Taylor
Commander, Louisiana Division
Sons of Confederate Veterans

These are the sentiments of Roy Guste, a lifelong New Orleanian who’s family founded Antoine’s. He is a very well respected figure in New Orleans who’s love for the city is deep within his soul.

“I think the best solution is to add a plaque that explains the history of the man, the statue and the change of attitudes through the years. Taking these landmarks down is foolishness. No one I know has any problem at all with these monuments and that includes all of my African-American friends and co-workers. My belief is that Mitch Landrieu created this issue to gain more popularity with African-Americans in New Orleans and across the state. After all… after being mayor of New Orleans his next step up will be Governor of Louisiana. The creation of this unnecessary issue is causing more racial divide in New Orleans than anything I have experienced in many a year. I am a native from a family that came shortly after Bienville. We have lived through the entirety of the history of Louisiana and New Orleans. Natives see no problem with the monuments. It seems to be only outsiders, people who have moved here or people who aren’t even from here or living here who seem to have the loudest voices against our history. Their opinion means nothing.”

Roy Guste

More on Nick Sacco’s blog(s)

Folks I am going to try and finish up my posts on Nick Sacco’s blog. I just want to repeat some posts from his blog at

Just to show you how dazed and confused this fellow really is. It is no wonder he calls for the removal of icons of the Confederacy, he just doesn’t understand the written word.

Let’s begin here, my response to Patrick is after Sacco’s removed my responses to Al Mackey,–

Patrick Young December 21, 2015 at 8:34 am | Reply

Thoughtful article Nick.

I don’t know if anyone calling for the statues to be taken down is doing so just because of the disunion issue, but I do think that there has been tepid support for keeping them up in many places because they are seen by many whites as an embarrassing reminder of when their ancestors killed United States soldiers by the tens of thousands.

I want to add that those who claim to support the continued presence of Confederate memorials have been the worst enemies of such monumentation. I have watched videos of the monument supporters and CBF supporters in their appeals for support and in their testimony at city council meetings. Showing up in Confederate uniforms, denouncing President Obama as a “Muslim”, and calling their opponents “black hoodlums” are unlikely to win allies.

My response to Young, which I did not copy had this sentence in it— The fact the Confederates killed “tens of thousands” Yankees is just a bonus
Apparently Sacco did not think this was insulting as he left it for a couple of days before I posted this exposing his protection of Mackey.

gpthelastrebel December 23, 2015 at 11:24 am |
Now truth be known I was deliberately insulting to Patrick just to see if you would let that post stand. I see it is still there cpuld it be because I also made
Nick Sacco December 23, 2015 at 3:04 pm

You say you haven’t insulted anyone, and then admit that you intentionally aimed to insult Patrick Young “just to see if you would let that post stand.” Okay.

You see Sacco didn’t know I insulted anyone until I told him. So he really had no reason to remove my response to Mackey

Again moving on down the page we get this comment by Andy Hall, who seems to have thought out the issue more than Mackey, Levin, Sacco, Dick or Baker.

Andy Hall December 22, 2015 at 6:55 pm | Reply
A more practical answer to “where do we stop?” has to be determined by local communities and based on who and what they want to commemorate in a place of honor. There is simply no one-size-fits-all answer to the question.

Nick Sacco December 22, 2015 at 9:51 pm | Reply
Exactly right. That the conversation is happening in the first place after so long is huge.

So we see Sacco agreeing with Hall.

I then posted– “really NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!!!”
*****************************************At this point Sacco posted this which is still up (Edited)
Nick Sacco December 23, 2015 at 2:57 pm | Reply

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you George Purvis and his “factual” comments that are “insult-free” and
My response

gpthelastrebel December 25, 2015 at 2:16 pm | Reply

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

ladies and gentlemen now you see Nick Sacco as he really is. Mackey and Dick is supposed to be “historians” and I suppose they are if you agree with them. It appears that Sacco doesn’t want the hard questions ask of Mackey and Dick, Sacco goes out of his way to protect them. As to me insulting anyone, that is just part of Sacco’s imagination. He can’t prove any insults there fore he has to make up a fabricated story to justify his actions.

To answer his comments

!. I never even address you. You removed my post to Mackey and Dick.

2. I never said it is wrong for anyone to have an interest in the WBTS. In fact I encourage it. I do demand the truth be told about the issues. When they are not, I will post the truth on the offending blog or Cold Southern Steel. If you want to defend, racism, ignorance, lies, and bigotry so be it. I never said you called for anything except the removal of anything except Uncle Jack. And since you do not live in the South what business is of yours?

3. I proved that point. When you fail to tell the truth or at least acknowledge the facts you are nothing but an agitator, Show me where I me I mentioned you. I

4. I did that and if anyone wants proof all they have to do is tune in to Cold Southern Steel. I can provide plenty of proof.

Yes it is crazy isn’t it? You see I am going to expose you and your actions not only to my readers ut to yours as well. They will see for themselves that nearly everything you say is false. You will be exposed for what you really are.

Now back up your comments, as always I have made copies.

George Purvis
Cold Southern SteeL


Then we have a comment from none other than the Brilliant Rob Bakuar.

Rob Baker December 24, 2015 at 2:03 pm | Reply

This is why I do not let George comment on my site anymore. He leaves a continual soiree of irrational comments which do pretty much everything you have highlighted. Then he rinses and repeats.

To that I say — You are lying. You claimed the reason you banned me was because I INSULTED iSSABEL. Now which is it irrational statements you can’t prove wrong or insults.

By the way folks I don’t let Rob post simply because he is not smart enough. All he wants to do is engage in a 3rd grade argument.

Now folks the real kick here is this comment by Sacco –You just gotta love it.

Nick Sacco December 25, 2015 at 3:41 pm

Thanks, Rob! The above comment–which goes so far as to accuse me of “racism” (against white people, I think?)–is so ridiculous and absurd that I’ve decided to also ban him from commenting any further on this site, just like you’ve done. In a way, it’s a small Christmas gift to myself. Hope you’re having a great holiday!

I think that goes a long way in explaining Sacco’s actions. he can’t read!!!!!!

The rest of the page is just a love fest between those who hate anything Confederate. Not worth posting.

Still protecting Mackey

Folks this may get a bit confusing since we have to jump to a couple of blog posts. I am goona prove that Nick Sacco’s is deliberately deleting civil but pointed question I addressed to Al Mackey. I am also going to show you how dazed and confused Sacco’s is when it comes to running a blog. perhaps it is lack of experience I don’t know,

Going to the link below a Sacco blog post titled “A Brief Reminder About My Disclaimer and Comment Policy”

Sacco tells of his rules for posting and his right to moderate comments. I agree he is in total control of his bblog and can let what ever posts he wants remain and remove those he wishes not to remain. I believe that is a given right of all bloggers is it not?

But, and there is always one isn’t there, if you are posting in public forums and expect the public to read your articles you should be willing to accept civil comments from people with opposing views. You should give the person to whom the comment is addressed to a fair and equal chance to respond. Do we all agree on that?

Well it appears that Sacco went on a rant against me 0on his blog when he was supposed to be defining his rules for posting. Let’s look at some of his points and comment to thme. After that I will address some of the comments which I copied .

Starting at this point in Sacco’s mentioned post — “I publicly supported the taking down of the Confederate flag from the South Carolina State House grounds”

Folks click on that link and it will take you to another Sacco blog post and the S.C. Carolina shooting.

The Confederate Flag: Yesterday…and Today
/ Here Sacco’s like everyone else blames Roof actions on the Confederate flag. Well I wonder how that object and convinced a mentally challenged person to commit those murders. Oh we have one picture of him holding a itty-bitty flag, that is all the proof we need. Of course Sacco goes on to use terms like white supremacists, and white terrorist in his article. But that is to call us names, we are nothing but Southerners.

Moving on down the page Sacco makes repeats a comment by Brooks Simpson– As Brooks Simpson notes at Crossroads, “it may be that in 2015 people marked the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War by doing to Confederate heritage what Grant and Sherman did to the Confederacy itself in 1865″

We will have to see how all of this plays out, but for now I will continue to stand with those who want to take down the Confederate flag–now.

To that I say, Sacco if you want to take down my flag just go ahead and try. I ‘ll be waiting,

Moving on down the page you notice Sacco whining about me posting to his blog, As I said earlier it is in public domain, why shouldn’t I post? You are attacking or advocating removing my heritage. Tell me one reason I shouldn’t post except your trumped up “insult” card you want to play.

Bigoted and bised views by Sacco. Yep I said that read You can read the full exchange here–

Proof the it is true. I also addressed his Black Confederate Comment at the time. So Nick, you have been caught in a lie on your on blog. You should learn how to read.

Now it gets good folks Sacco wants to show you the “insulting” post I made to Al Mackey. Here it is, if you don’t believe me go to his page and see for yourself—


I mean how insulting can one person get?

Of Course Nick ends up by saying —- Mr. Purvis and others are free to write whatever they want about me on their personal blogs and moderate their comment section as they deem fit. That is their right.

Don’t worry Sacco’s I will continue to write factual articles about those who would take down my heritage and lie about the events of 1861-1865. It would be my suggestion you learn some history.

As To Sacco’s addendum, That will be addressed later

Comments and responses Sacco removed posted in the below in the comment section-

Protecting Al Mackey and Jimmy Dick

Recently Nick Sacco posted a very Good Article “False Dichotomies and Slippery Slopes in the Confederate Iconography Debate” in this article the question is asked when will it stop? You can read the article here —

I didn’t reply to Nick, directly but to Al Mackey and Jimmy Dick’s comments. I replied in a factual civil manner, no insults; and Sacco used his little delete button to remove all my responses except one, which he replied to.. The only reason I can guess is there was to much truth in my responses or I put Mackey and Dick in a rather uncomfortable position and Sacco would d not allow that. Below you will find what responses I posted today and the only post Sacco left. Any comments I make after this point will be copied in the comment section.

I had some respect for Sacco as a decent fellow, I guess I judged him to quick.

gpthelastrebel December 21, 2015 at 10:25 am | Reply

Removing everything Confederate is not gonna change history. The cause of the war will still be “revenue” Lincoln will still have started the war and be a racist, Black men and women will still have supported the Confederacy and secession will still not be illegal.and you will still not be able to prove me wrong.

Nick Sacco December 21, 2015 at 1:02 pm | Reply

You’re right, George. We can’t change history. But we can change our understanding of history and revise our previous understandings of it through a rigorous analysis of primary source documents and other available evidence. There will be some public iconography that will need to be removed or altered because it’s simply inaccurate and no longer worthy of a place of honor. Your comments about the cause of the war and so-called “black confederates” are grounded more in opinion and political belief than actual historical evidence. Seeing as though we’ve gone down this road before I think it’s pointless to debate these same topics again. I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

gpthelastrebel December 22, 2015 at 11:02 am | Reply

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

and you are gonna change “our understanding” by removing everything Confederate. What a capital idea, wish I would have thought of that. Maybe we can understand Lincoln’s a racism by removing the Lincoln Monument?

Is “our understanding” supposed to be the same as your posters who openly display a hate for Confederate, yet try to pass themselves off as historians?

Why did you remove my other civil posts? Are you afraid I will hurt the feeling of Mackey or some of these others who are lucky enough to fall under your protection?

George Purvis
Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation znd education


4. cagraham December 21, 2015 at 2:44 pm | Reply

I agree that “where does it stop?” is not a good question. What is better? I’m thinking something along the lines of … How do stewards act to ensure that the process of enacting community decisions is healthy, productive, and responsive to current needs?

Nick Sacco December 21, 2015 at 8:49 pm | Reply

That’s a good question to ask, and it’s worth asking in many other contexts besides this discussion.

gpthelastrebel December 22, 2015 at 11:06 am | Reply

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

it will stop when every mention of the Confederacy is gone. We already see some attacks on ex- presidents of the US. These people here are biased and bigoted, just read their blogs. They do have the backbone to come to a neutral site and debate me on facts. I am mildly surprised that Nick protects them from the truth. I am more surprised that Nick associates with them.

George Purvis
Cold Southern Steel