Recently visited  Southern law Poverty Centers page Mayor: Confederate Flag at Rural County Courthouse ‘Must Come Down” at http://www.splcenter.org/blog/2015/04/22/mayor-confederate-flag-at-rural-george-county-courthouse-must-come-down/#comment-1985058187

I made several civil factual comments to the comments that had been posted. Today I notice all my comments have been removed “for moderation” while the hate filled replies to my comments are still posted. In order to see my posts you must click on “show comment.” Now I have no problem with my post being removed if they are insulting or in some other way inappropriate, but these were not.

The really ironic thing about this page is it comes under the title of —-

Fighting Hate • Teaching Tolerance • Seeking Justice

The Hatewatch blog is managed by the staff of the Intelligence Project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, an Alabama-based civil rights organization.

So I wonder what hate are they watching for? There is plenty directed toward me. I also wonder were the intelligence is located all I see in the comments is ignorance.

My last post, this morning, to this blog was a link to Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation and Education  and to cold Southern Steel, let’s see if these links stick until tomorrow. ( I have reposted the links in the last ten minutes)


9 thoughts on “Hatewatch

    • Jessie,
      Well they did make me the winner by deleting my posts. It was my intention to prove this was an historically challenged group, they were biased and bigoted. I say mission accomplished. No need for me to post there again.

      Baker is nothing more than a legend in his own mind.

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