Banned Again

Well folks it seems you just cannot go to a neo-yankee blog and post facts. They seem offended by that. Also do not prove they are not telling the truth, Gets you banned. I just found out. I was having a factual debate with Rob Baker at  his “Historic Struggle” blog at

Note these posts are now gone. Baker was telling me how un-important the Declaration of Secession documents were and how they really do not mean much as to the start of the war. i was agreeing with him and asked what changed his position  from this point of view-       

      In short, war is merely a continuation of policy. If we apply Clausewitz’s teachings to the Civil War, it is painfully obvious that the Confederacy fought a war to preserve slavery and the social order (i.e. slave society) slavery created. Numerous historical sources reinforce this.  The Declaration of Causes of Seceding States (Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Texas) draw heavily on political conclusions about the North’s aggression towards the institution of slavery and that institution’s ability to expand into new territories.  The Florida Declaration of Causes relies on the same arguments.  The case is universal for all states involved in the first wave of secession. I could  bring in the Cornerstone Speech of Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens but I think at this point it would be redundant.   (I will address these documents in a later post– GP)  


I have no idea why baker does not to defend either position, perhaps he is embarrassed to do so by the presence of one Jimmy Dick. I have no idea. At any rate my posts are gone and it appears baker, like Mackey is more comfortable hiding behind an edit/delete button than he is factually defending his lies.


19 thoughts on “Banned Again

  1. George, you need to learn how wordpress works. If you want to add a post, you add a post. You are continually adding pages. And no, I did not ban you. Nor did I ever say what you are insinuating what I said. It’s one thing to take a constant victim mentality, it’s another to lie.

    • You are correct I am not up to speed on Word Press, but I am learning and will learn.

      You know exactly what I am referring to — your post and my replies on secession, you have deleted them. You were telling me how un-important the Declarations of Secession are. I responded with a comment taken right off your pages. Now the question is what is your position on the Declarations of Secession, are they documents telling why the Southern soldier was fighting or they only important “because of the number of times slavery is mentioned”, as you stated. You are welcome to answer here.

      Nothing wrong with my browser, perhaps the delete button is stuck on your end??? Check your keyboard for defects. It is well know you love to use the edit/delete button. Perhaps because it is second nature to you you don’t even realize you deleted posts? I don’t lie, I have no need to and I care not for those that do.

      I am a victim, as well as thousands of Confederate descendants, of media lies, hate bigotry, and outright prejudice. We are victims of this heritage terrorism promoted by media and those in education which you are one. We are fighting back with facts and that is really what you can’t stand.

      It was a nice try but it just doesn’t work.


  2. Hey Baker, besides being one of the famed, Yankee from Georgia Myth maker, have you ever had a real job, this is important, as I keep seeing a pattern of most of the anti South mongrels seem to be preppy, gay, teachers, want to be historians, and guys who like to create controversy.

    None of you seem to be farmers, mechanics, electricians, engineers,or guys who can work with brain and brawn, most of you seem to be dishwasher hands folk

    You don’t know the war, you know the topical issues, but have nearly no obvious knowledge of the life of those who were in the South during the 1860’s, other than the Rhet Butler image, but the average farmer, miller, saddle maker, wagon maker, wheelwright and other similar hands on guys you miss in your statements and glorious ideals about the war.

    The South was harmed financially by the federal Tariffs, and by the many Federal interventions in our way of life not so in the North. The Northern attitude was one of absolute contempt for the South, but to read most of your comments, which are something similar to kids arguing on a elementary school playground. It is also obvious that you have no passion in this, this whole blog thing to you is a hobby, you have no deep connection to the war and all the details and issues that still get discussed today, as things today have large parallels in so far as the Liberal Obama administration, and how he is ramrodding things along in America, in the 1850-60’s it was ramrodded thru the South, but still similar, one sided unfair actions.

    The Southern people, the states, and the CSA Government did not want a war, this is absolutely an
    unquestionable fact, they instead wanted peace, to be left alone, and they felt and believed the people in the Southern states had much more in common, and were similar in their christian beliefs than the Northern people, and all in all felt their life would be much better if it was separate from the North. But the Northern businessmen, politicians, and others could not let the South go, and to stop providing the large amount of financial benefits to them, so it was time to Force the party to stay and not to divorce the North, it was force, and it was Invasion, and it was Northern
    military action against the Southern people It is that simple, and when you, Meyer, Levine, Simpson, Dick, Hall and all the other Myth makers gab about it, all you do is to prove to the many who watch from the sidelines, you are agitators, you agitate, attack the heritage groups who have nothing to do with you, what they do is legal, and none of your business, but you stick your nose in anyway, like an uninvited guest at a party. Troublemaker, agitator, instigator and myth maker.
    That is what you should call your comrades, myth makers, it fits what you do.

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