The Un-American SCV Strikes Again

Well it appears from this blog post Al Mackey has his brain in neutral again.

Mackey is calling the SCV un-American because they want to protect Confederate heroes day and not change the day to Civil War Remembrance Day. Duh Mackey when is it American to  erase another heritage and days to honor your heroes.

Why should anyone except a yankee want to honor a horde of who came down and destroyed your cities and towns, stole everything that could be removed, killed, raped and burned at will and without any shame what-so-ever.

To be clear I am not for removing the Lincoln Monument. I think we should have a monument to America’s most famous tyrant and war criminal. It will remind us that  that  can and have been elected to govern this country. It will caution us that we need to educate ourselves about the people who we elect to important postions in our government.

Oh Mackey, no need to send in the clowns, you are already there.


2 thoughts on “The Un-American SCV Strikes Again

  1. George ole Al ain’t got a clue. I guess my service in Afghanistan and my 38 1/2 years of military service makes me un-American since I belong to the SCV. This feller is a jerk who by his own admission had no ancestors that served the north or the South during that great conflict of northern aggression. He is just keeping his boss happy by spouting off BS he should know is just that BS!!
    Keep up the good work hope to see you in Columbus.

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