There Is No Moral Equivalence Between the Confederacy and the United States

Another post by Al Mackey, this time he tells a bit of the truth. let’s just take a look at one of his outstanding paragraphs where he shares some truth.

“One side committed treason against the United States and fought to establish a nation based on the perpetuation of slavery and white supremacy. The other side fought to preserve the Union under the United States Constitution and also, in the second half of the war, to destroy slavery. One sides victory would mean the dissolution of the Union and possibly the destruction of the United States by establishing the precedent that a state could secede because it didn’t like the results of a free, fair, legal, constitutional election. The other side fought to maintain the nation intact and to keep it safe. The victory of one side would mean the continuation of slavery for as long as they could possibly keep it going. The victory of the United States meant the destruction of slavery and led to amendments making African-Americans citizens of the United States and saying they could not be prohibited from voting on the basis of their race.”

Now let me break this down a bit more a challenge Mackey to prove his points. I do know that he won’t or can’t but let me give it a shot anyway.

!. Mackey prove treason. We don’t want your ignorant biased opinion, show us the actual section of the constitution that states treason is leaving the US.

2. Prove the war was all about “perpetuation of slavery and white supremacy.” I’ll bet you can’t

3. Wasn’t slavery LEGAL under the US Constitution? I think so. Destroy slavery?? nope, West Virginia was allowed into the Union as a slave state. The Emancipation Proclamation only freed slaves in the “rebelling areas.” Read the EP Mackey, I am sure you know where to find it.

4. Not one Confederate state was trying to destroy the united States. All left in a peaceful manner and was attacked by Lincoln’s armies. In fact. it is true that the United States destroyed another country. Isn’t that right Mackey?

%. So Mackey the war was over voting rights? I think not. Didn’t the war also insure the slaves could now move into Ohio and Illinois where the Black Codes kept them from living didn’t it also mean that Blacks could now move into the territories where Lincoln so disparately wanted to keep them out???

6. Oh and by the way Mackey, wasn’t it the United States Army that attacked women, children and old men in the Confederate States? wasn’t it this same Union Army that destroyed, and stole everything of value in front of them? Wasn’t it this same greet moral army you speak of who committed countless atrocities against Confederate Prisoners of War.

Mackey you know you are not telling the truth. Do you have the backbone to face me in a online debate. I doubt it. But you are right about one thing–

There Is No Moral Equivalence Between the Confederacy and the United States


Was Robert E. Lee a Woman Whipper?

Is Al Mackey biased in his view of history. In my opinion yes, but that is a determination the reader will have to make, I just post the facts.

Not much a comment on the Wesley Norris post Mackey makes, in fact I’ll use Mackey’s post toshow you the credibility of his post at

Let’s save some time e and just read Mackey’s last paragraph which says—

Postwar lost cause writings sought to whitewash slavery from the confederacy. It looks as if Lee and his worshipers tried to do the same thing with Lee. We may never know for sure if Lee had a woman runaway slave whipped, though it would have been standard punishment for running away, and Lee in many ways acted like a typical slave owner. We do know, however, that postwar denials to the contrary notwithstanding, Lee was a supporter of the slave system, which to me adds credibility to Wesley Norris’ claims.

Ah Mackey I suggest you do some research before you post your biased ranting. You should have visited this website and you would have found this little gem — Lee officially freed the slaves on December 29, 1862.

Al Mackey Just has no Clue—-

When it comes to Black Confederates Al Mackey just has no clue about history. In this case I am referring to his comments about Dick Poplar. I’ll admit Mackey makes some convincing arguments in his blog post at

I am not gonna go over each and every one of Mackey’s points and prove them wrong. I am just going to refresh the readers minds that Mackey is very biased in his attitude about Confederates in general and BLACK CONFEDERATES in particular. To verify this all one has to do is either read Mackey’s blog or review this blog where I disprove a good many of Mackey’s post.

To Mackey’s particular post on Dick Poplar, I will say this, Mackey offers no evidence that Dick Poplar did not serve in the Confederate army, he does not prove Mr. Poplar was not armed or saw combat. In fact Mackey mostly just uses census records and obituaries to make his point, neither are conclusive in their facts.

If you as a reader want to get a bit nore info on this man, Dick Poplar, I suggest reading this webpage at —

Nathan B. Forrest had nothing to do with the KKK

Using this webpage “In Defense of Gen. Forrest”
( as a reference I went to the listed website for an accurate transcription. I have posted this transcription at

You will see some additional comments by Col. Mike Kelly of the 37th Texas(reenactment) group.


Updating Charlottesville

I received this in an email, I HAVE NOT verified any statements made. I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME to research each statement. I AM posting this here in hopes that others can add more credible info.

Something to consider–
Russ Vaughan submits the following:
Evidence is turning up from, of all places, the Southern Poverty Law Center, as well as Breitbart and others, that this character, Jason Kessler, who organized the suspicious and supposed Alt-Right demonstration in Charlottesville, Va. that blew up in everyone’s face, is a cunning lefty holdover from the Occupy Wall Street movement and a former Barack Obama supporter. I smell Soros money, sabotage, and Democrat dirty tricks here.

I’ve been suspicious of the nature of the violence at this supposed Alt-Right demonstration since the news first began breaking. It is no secret that radical elements in the Democrat left have been routinely utilizing violence when it suits their purposes. We also know via secret tapings by Project Veritas that the Democratic Party has a semi-official director of dirty ops, Dick Creamer, who hires, trains, and emplaces professional disruptors to encounter, engage, and infiltrate conservative demonstrations to foment violence, assuring that the demonstrations then become the targets of negative media attention – naturally, against the conservative side. Creamer was caught on videotape boasting about his nefarious capabilities when he thought he was in friendly company.

So here we now have another blown supposedly conservative demonstration, where violence erupts and people are killed, and guess who just happens to be a ringleader of the various ultra-right to Alt-Right organizations ranging from KKK and neo-Nazis to the kind of patriotic folks who might go to a Flag Day celebration! Um, that would be our vaporous political will o’ the wisp, Jason Kessler, whose Occupy activities may well have put him in operational cahoots with high-level Democrat operatives. And owing to the leniency of Virginia open carry laws, too many of Jason’s followers just had to parade their personal armories in all their camo combat gear, showing off their minuteman firepower. My first reaction at seeing those clowns strutting down the street like they were in Mosul was, like that of many of my fellow NRA members and military veterans, shaking my fist and yelling at the TV, “No! No! No, you idiots! No!” And that kind of award-winning stupidity makes me wonder if the head planner for the event, Jason Soros…er, Kessler, didn’t have that firepower demonstration all lined up and ready to go precisely to make those right-wing tools look just like the fools they were being, while scaring the bejeezus out of the lefties, blacks, and MSM twerps.

There’s still not enough evidence on the actual violence, other than the schizophrenic kid who ran over the woman, to make any kind of assessment as to who did what in the confrontations between the right-wing demonstrators and the surprisingly strong counter-demonstration. I have to wonder if this Kessler fellow, strong Barack Obama-supporter that he is, had a hand in making sure his Alt-Right marchers were clearly guaranteed to encounter a strong crowd of riled up counter-protesters as well. The reporting of Kessler’s background, as well as that of Charlottesville mayor and Democrat activist Mike Signer and Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy, has convinced me that Charlottesville was a Democratic Party black operation, planned, organized, and carried out to its successful conclusion, to make the media portray all these conservative whites as stupid, racist, and violent. I believe that it was done by this soulless young man, who succeeded in selling himself to the dumb-bunny right-wingers as one of them.

“This is being driven by forces of evil that are beyond what normal people can think about.” – Representative Louis Gomert, (R-TX)

In the following clip from Fox News, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) talks about what happened on August 12 in Charlottesville, placing special emphasis on the fact that demonstrators for the Ku Klux Klan and Black Lives Matter arrived at the event on the same busses!

He also stresses the need for the appointment of a special counsel to investigate who paid for sending all those different groups to Charlottesville, and who ordered the stand-down of the police.


Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

And the mere fact it is censored on Youtube proves Youtube is part of the “forces of evil that are beyond what normal people can think about.”