The 22nd USCT Enters Richmond

Renowned. This word is used in a source used by Al Mackey at Let’s take a look at the defination

1. having a widespread, esp good, reputation; famous

Now that we have a clear meaning of the word let’s take a few other facts into consideration of this renowned unit.

I did a search of the Official Records for the 22nd/Twenty Second USCT? United States Colored Troops. Using these search features I got all sorts of hits including dates and Confederate units. The most hits I got for the 22nd USCT was in organizational reports of the Union army. If I am not mistaken there only one insignificant entry for this unit. Now I admit I could have missed something important, but that info just didn’t pop up in my search. I am just saying a RENOWNED unit should get a little more mention in the ORs.

I then went to Mackey’s other sources of information he had posted. Starting at the bottom of the list with —
Title: History of Pennsylvania volunteers, 1861-5; prepared in compliance with acts of the legislature, by Samuel P. Bates.

Author: Bates, Samuel P. (Samuel Penniman), 1827-1902.

Looking at the page I see that the 22nd was engaged at various locations. In an effort to find more information about this unit I chose to use the most unique search term that was available, that being Chapin’s farm. Guess what there is no Chapin’s farm shown in the ORs. Oh my goodness!!!!

Mackey’s next source gets me to All right some meat to sink our teeth into. We are gonna see a real bonafied RENOWNED unit in action. As I looked at the list of engagements, I noticed Chapin’s Farm had became Caffin’s Farm or New Market. Well I zeroed in on Caffin’s Farm and guess what I got one hit. One. It was after action report of losses. Needless to say, after spending a couple of hours wading through the jungle of OR hits or misses whichever pleases you, I was exhausted. I up and quit. yep this RENOWNED unit is well hidden in the annuals of history.

So what we see is a unit formed in 1864, fought in some of the biggest and bloodiest battles of the war in a little over a year only lost 72men officer and enlisted in battle. Foxes Regt. losses found at only mentions the 22nd USCT once and gives the losses at 14. Not much for a RENOWNED unit. Looks like you have a choice of sources.

So what does this show us? It shows that Mackey is just posting anything he can find on the web to promote the Unions illegal war on the South. This history has not proven to be accurate. These are sources Mackey’ uses he is the ‘historian.” I am just a researcher


25 thoughts on “The 22nd USCT Enters Richmond

  1. Doesn’t change that the USCT’s LIBERATED Richmond, an historical FACT we’ve been celebrating here in Richmond a good two weeks now. Even bigger party tomorrow. Here’s a taste of an historically relevant musical selection for tommorrow:

    You’re nitpickin’

    • Liberated from who??? I think the correct term is participated in the capture. yeah I saw pictures what is it about 30 or 40 folks. Maybe next year you can celebrate the Chicago fire or some destructive event in American history.

      • There are three or four different tales about Dixie during the war that are raging through the feverish, schizophrenic minds of Yankees. One being that the Confederate Government was illegitimate, tyrannical and not supported by the Southern people. The Yankees liberated the Southern people, they claim, but even so, they’re still objects of contempt and disdain deserving of extermination because they were “traitors”, “criminals” and “rebels” for thinking that they had the same rights as their “fellow countrymen” in the North.

      • Just on the basis of Rawles comment we can see he has no need for accurate history. This is the foundation of his “liberated” comment. Now we can say Booth liberated Lincoln from his miserable life and sent him to hell where he belongs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nice try, but I was out there this weekend with thousands. Have fun at your next secesh pity party in some run down cemetery with a dozen of your oldest friends (who will wear the commemorative presidential skedaddle muumuu?). Hurrah, hurrah, we bring the jubilee…

    • Also a nice try on your part. Most of the people I see are in Yankee blue. Most are participates, probably have the same degree of historical knowledge you have, no surprise there. Sure don’t look like thousands to me

      No pity party here. We are not the ones who have to make up and corrupt history to be right.

      Why don’t you bring your bad self down to Beauvoir this month and see a real turnout? We will show you how it done. The only thing you bring is the lies and the hate.

      and because you cannot discuss a history in a civil manner you stupid self is finished here.

  3. No thanks, I know enough to steer clear of groups of white men of a certain age, emboldened by numbers and waving that flag. America’s original terrorists.

      • Are you kidding? I was. That picture is absolutely terrifying it looks like a lynching is about to go down followed by a real hootenanny. I’d back out of there double time the same way I cross the street when I see the junior varsity klan out front of the museum.

      • Those rednecks waving the flags in that picture I linked look like they are fixing to lynch someone or spit on civil rights marchers. The virginia flaggers look just like those idiots – they look like the jv klan and I wish they would stay out in the counties where they actually live rather than come into Richmond, make us look bad, and lie about history. How’s that?

      • Jim Jennings


        What picture? You make these sort of comments and you have a SCV address?? Do you even know what the term redneck is applied to??? If you did you would probably want the term applied to you. What in the world is wrong with you? Civil rights marchers?? Do you have any sort of grasp on what the Yankees did to the South? These “Civil rights” marchers are celebrating the South’s destruction. Hell if someone is celebrating the destruction of my country I would certainly spit on them and more!!!

        Speaking of history, note you have had nothing historically to add to this post. Do you know any true history? I’ll bet you haven’t a clue. I can clearly see why the SCV cannot grow with traitors like you among the membership.

        As far as someone making you look bad, you just did that on your own. You and your idiotic posts make me want to puke.

        Oh and I doubt you are really a SCV member.

      • Yes “Jim,” or is it Art, talk about puke. To bad your post are based on ignorance, bigotry and hate rather than history. Oh well that is what is to be expected of the yankee crowd.

  4. “Jim Jennings” where did you go? I thought maybe you would want to use your fake name and insult me and my heritage some more. Perhaps show us you extensive knowledge of history?

    Look man I am not going to post that you are really Art Krmsoalo of Richmond. I am not even going to post a picture of your skinny little butt, these will be our secret. Sssssshhhhhhhhh

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