Is Honoring the Confederacy Like Honoring Nazi Germany?

Well it seems Al Mackey has found a long lost brother not only for bigotry, ignorance but also hate.

Here is a website that all Southern Patriots should address to right some of those ignorant post that are allowed to appear as facts. I would post but I do not have a Facebook account, which is where the most comments are made. I didn’t address the charge of treason simply because the charge of treason is a phony charge.

I can post this here and address Mackey and Allen Clifton. I can post too the Discus section on the website

1. Hitler like Lincoln started their respective war by invading peaceful countries.

2. Hitler and Lincoln both arrested political enemies and newspapers editors who disagreed with them.

3. The invasion, murder, rape pillage and burning of civilians and their property by Union soldiers is the same as what Hitler’s army did. The scorched earth policy of Sherman and his views toward blacks are more in tune with Nazi Germany.

4. The attacks on the Native Americans at Sand creek , killing unarmed men women and children by the Union army is the same thing Hitler’s army did.

5. The removal of the women at Roswell Georgia is the same type of thing the Nazi army did with the Jews.

6. Abe Lincoln’s quotes regarding blacks is more in (goose) step with Nazi Germany than that of Davis, Lee, Jackson, Stephens or other southern major players.

7. The racist attitude of the US Army toward blacks until about 1955 when the US military was integrated is more like Nazi Germany. The USCT were not considered to be on the same level as the white US forces. They were paid less.

8. The Black slaves and soldiers of the Confederacy were paid equal to that of the white CSA soldiers and were even allowed to draw pensions!!!!

9. Much like the German soldiers executing American POWs the Union executed surrendering Confederates at Marianna, Florida.

10. The Germans and The Yankees persecuted the Jews; see Grant’s order to remove Jews from Tennessee.

11. Lincoln’s policies and ideas of a strong central government (dictator communism socialism) were admired by Lenin, Stalin and Hitler. The Confederacy was exactly what none of them wanted.

12 The Yankee POW camps were more or less the same as Nazi concentration death camps. The POWs were starved, abused and tortured beyond belief even while medical supplies and clothing was at hand.

13. It was the Union army who employed Germans within their ranks. This is proven by the German pension information I have already posted. Sorta makes me wonder how many descendants of these German soldiers would later fight against the US or imprison a Jew???

14. Like the Nazi’s of the 1930’s, for the Yankee sympathizers there is still a hate today for their fellow countryman, even though they are of the same race, state or country. Most Nazi sympathizers have gone quite while most Yankee sympathizers continue to spew their vomit of hate, bigotry and biased ignorance toward anyone who knows more about the War for Southern Independence. They do this while hiding behind a wall of religion or grasping for some other moral high ground. Shame they have no clue the high ground is located in the truth.

15. The imprisonment of Japanese Americans was the same as Hitler did to the Jewish Germans

16. At Waco the The United States had no problem in killing women and children, much like Hitler’s Gestapo.

15. Last but not least, I am not saying there is a family connection, I know this is not the most numerous surname on the planet, but —-

Adam Hitler (First_Last)
Regiment Name 16 Massachusetts Infantry
Side Union
Company E
Soldier’s Rank_In Prv.
Soldier’s Rank_Out Prv.
Alternate Name
Film Number M544 roll 19

Christ Hitler (First_Last)
Regiment Name 1 U.S. Res. Corps Mo. Inf.
Side Union
Company G,K
Soldier’s Rank_In Pvt.
Soldier’s Rank_Out Pvt.
Alternate Name Christian/Hittler
Film Number M390 roll 22


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