Was Robert E. Lee a Woman Whipper?

Is Al Mackey biased in his view of history. In my opinion yes, but that is a determination the reader will have to make, I just post the facts.

Not much a comment on the Wesley Norris post Mackey makes, in fact I’ll use Mackey’s post toshow you the credibility of his post at https://studycivilwar.wordpress.com/2017/10/18/was-robert-e-lee-a-woman-whipper/

Let’s save some time e and just read Mackey’s last paragraph which says—

Postwar lost cause writings sought to whitewash slavery from the confederacy. It looks as if Lee and his worshipers tried to do the same thing with Lee. We may never know for sure if Lee had a woman runaway slave whipped, though it would have been standard punishment for running away, and Lee in many ways acted like a typical slave owner. We do know, however, that postwar denials to the contrary notwithstanding, Lee was a supporter of the slave system, which to me adds credibility to Wesley Norris’ claims.

Ah Mackey I suggest you do some research before you post your biased ranting. You should have visited this website https://www.nps.gov/arho/learn/historyculture/slavery.htm and you would have found this little gem — Lee officially freed the slaves on December 29, 1862.


Al Mackey Just has no Clue—-

When it comes to Black Confederates Al Mackey just has no clue about history. In this case I am referring to his comments about Dick Poplar. I’ll admit Mackey makes some convincing arguments in his blog post at https://studycivilwar.wordpress.com/2017/10/16/the-scv-keeping-the-black-confederate-myth-alive/#comments

I am not gonna go over each and every one of Mackey’s points and prove them wrong. I am just going to refresh the readers minds that Mackey is very biased in his attitude about Confederates in general and BLACK CONFEDERATES in particular. To verify this all one has to do is either read Mackey’s blog or review this blog where I disprove a good many of Mackey’s post.

To Mackey’s particular post on Dick Poplar, I will say this, Mackey offers no evidence that Dick Poplar did not serve in the Confederate army, he does not prove Mr. Poplar was not armed or saw combat. In fact Mackey mostly just uses census records and obituaries to make his point, neither are conclusive in their facts.

If you as a reader want to get a bit nore info on this man, Dick Poplar, I suggest reading this webpage at — http://www.plpow.com/POW_Blacks.htm#DickPoplar

Nathan B. Forrest had nothing to do with the KKK

Using this webpage “In Defense of Gen. Forrest”
(http://www.flatfenders.com/scv/Forrest%20Defense.htm) as a reference I went to the listed website for an accurate transcription. I have posted this transcription at http://southernheritageadvancementpreservationeducation.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?2008776

You will see some additional comments by Col. Mike Kelly of the 37th Texas(reenactment) group.