Hatewatch 2

After my previous post on the SPLC “Hatewatch”, Rob Baker decided he would trot his butt over there and make a post or two. He rightly states that since my posts have been deleted it is hard to know what I posted. He goes on to tell the lie he destroyed me on the Lincoln slave post and I banned him. Not so. I banned Rob because he was insulting and argumentative.

At any rate Baker makes up his on blog post about the issue at https://historicstruggle.wordpress.com/2015/04/27/the-flag-must-come-down/. As usual he really adds nothing worthwhile to this post, just a lot of parroting what has already been said. He does however try to justify taking down or possibly banning the Confederate battle flag on the Courthouse lawn at Chattooga County, Georgia because they were not “fighting to secede.” Well Baker that really doesn’t matter. You see TODAY there are people who live in the South, Chattooga County, specifically who want to honor their Confederate heritage for a whole month. Here in the United States they have that right.

The fact that the said minister, Rev. Missouri is a local or not, has no bearing on the issue. he is ignorant of the facts of the War For Southern Independence. His actions are based on ignorance and bigotry, just like your actions are.

Baker also references Mackey’s post, Veterans Day 2014 at https://studycivilwar.wordpress.com/2014/11/11/veterans-day-2014/ The last sentence of Mackey’s post is this So when someone from the heritage instead of history crowd tries to tell you confederate veterans are American veterans by act of Congress, you can set them straight.</em>

We can tell Mackey is not a bigot, he didn’t capitalize “scum” in this sentence Over at Crossroads, Brooks has highlighted why many confederate heritage advocates are despicable scum

You are correct Al, they ARE NOT American veterans by an act of Congress, they are American Veterans by the act of BIRTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congress simply gives them veteran rights.


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