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You quote BS, burn crosses and call me names? 315dude-10 > 2015-07-26 09:39 2015-07-26 09:39

You ever kill one of the nigga kid’s pets and throw it on their porch? Bomb any churches lately? Hay, it’s all fun, right?
You are a bigoted ass, and sick, but that is only my opinion. If I get reason to believe your sickness constitutes a threat to others, I will then act accordingly.

Well niot exactly 2015-07-26 09:49

I don’t burn crosses or kill anyones pets. But the fact of the matter is factually you can’t prove me wrong on anything I have said.

Now I have told your dumb stupid ass I do not belong to the KKK or any such group. Your reference to the letter I posted just shows your ignorance. It served to prove the KKK used the United States Flag as its official symbol. You are to stupid to even know what you read.

Act SOB I dare you


Craigslist History forum

Recently I have been posting factual information to Craigslist History forum. because I am a Confederate Heritage advocate and take the Confederate side I am and all Confederates, on a continual basis insulted withal sorts of foul names and derogatory comments. The persons who disagree with me rarely ever post facts, just a biased and bigoted opinions. To read some of their responses one has to wonders if they really understand what they are reading and they have a basic understanding of history past the 5th grade level. You may ask why I keep posting there, well I refuse to be driven off the forum when it is my intention to post civil and factual information. Two I am sure there are those who have an open mind and want to learn, these are the ones I try to reach.

My response to kenguy has been removed.

Here are 3 examples
“First Shot” is a lie 2015-07-24 06:09

No one is doubting the incident. Simply it was not the first shot, it was the first NAVAL shot occurring AFTER Sumter was fired on.

The analysis is wrong. I provided information and you just laughed it off.

Unless you can admit your mistake…you are not worthy to continue posting.


Response to kenguy

NO) you said I lie. Turns out the shoe is on the other foot so to speak, —– apologize.

It does not matter what name you want to put on the shot, it was still the first shot in the Fort Sumter incident.

Your information was laughable.

“Unless you can admit your mistake…you are not worthy to continue posting.”

Great comment. That sounds a lot like a threat to me, agree or i’ll have you banned. This is just the kind of comments I love. they highlight the bigotry and hate toward anything Confederate and they serve to prove the ignorance and complete disregard for factual information.

If you have the power, go ahead and ban me, remove my post if that makes you happy. let everyone see just what sort of person you are. We all know that banning me is the only way you can make me wrong. I have made copies of these of your comments and mine, I will simply post them somewhere else. That is a promise.

Asking for everyone’s support

I am guessing those hate everything Confederate are finally happy. One of the Confederacy’s biggest supporters has been murdered while driving home from a Confederate event. He was Black the people who attacked him were black.

As Confederate supporters we should support this family in time of need. I am hoping to find the funeral arrangements and maybe be present. I will respect the family wishes in all matters as everyone should.

And the Flag Comes Down

Rob Baker gives a short brief of the flag coming down in South Carolina. I know he is happy, even though his post doesn’t reflect much emotion.
Killing two birds with one stone here.

This short to to Cold Southern is not so much about what Baker posted but a comment made by Jimmy Dick. I also have a question

Dick’s comment is ”
Jimmy Dick says:

July 10, 2015 at 1:47 PM

I think all the work done by educators and historians everywhere helped pave the road for this event to take place. Men and women who used facts in their teaching have overcome the lies of the lost cause which created the mindset to demand change when this act of terror by Roof was committed. That rag is down and it is not going to come back.

I have went a few rounds with Dick, his strong suit is insults, not facts. This brings me to my question. Does anyone know of any real true facts that were presented in this issue that related to the Confederate Battleflag? Surely there was one presented and surely someone heard it but what was it?

I suppose a better question would be does facts really matter?

On another note these folks ought to take a little advice from Al Mackey who was so kind to post this image at


Where did the extra Confederate states come from??? From Jimmy Dick’s history class of course!!!!!!

Kate Steinle laid to rest

Killed by an illegal alien in San Francisco, a sanctuary city set up by US policies. Long rap sheet deported 5 times and released from police custody without anyone being notified.

No mob of FBI agents investigating any officials as to how this happened.

No dignitaries from the Obama administration at her funeral.

No protest or comments from Al Sharpton. No protests in the street.

No “could have been my daughter” comment from Obama.

Did she have her hands up?

Did she attack this illegal?

Do white lives matter???

No nothing as a matter of fact.

That US flag gotta go.

Ignorance and Bigotry Win Again

Well folks all of America has just lost in the battle of rights with South Carolina taking down the Confederate Flag from a war monument. You say we all lost George? How. Well you cannot honor your ancestors memory on public places for one. The Confederate flag is gone from Fort Sumter, history is changed and I just read something about a bill proposed to block the park service from allowing groups to place Confederate Flags on the graves of Confederate soldiers in National Parks.

I’ll bet with this news Rob Baker, Al Mackey, Kevin Levin and Andy hall are messing up their jeans.

In other news:

Saw something about a woman protesting JC Penny “Suns Out Guns” shirt. better get them before they are gone.

A Federal Judge has thrown out the Washington Redskins logo, but they can still use the name Redskins.

Sanctuary cities coming under attack, it is getting to where it doesn’t pay to be an illegal anymore. Wonder when some of these folks gonna connect the dots and figure it was the fault of the US flag that got the lady in San Farn killed???? Time to take that flag down!!!!!!!!!!

I caught a glimpse, on Fox news, of an growing effort top change the flags of two states. Sorry I forgot which ones, but look for it. New York wasn’t one of them. Wonder when someone will realize those are slave ships on the Hudson Bay????


and this is the America we live in. Land of the free home of the brave