The situation in New Orleans

Fellow Southerners,

As you all know by now, the City of New Orleans voted to remove the Confederate monuments from the city on a “nuisance complaint.” This isn’t over, so do not overreact to the situation.

A lawsuit seeking to permanently enjoin and prevent the removal of the Confederate monuments was filed in federal court only hours after the vote was taken in the city council. The federal judge has let everyone know to cool it for now. There will be a hearing in January with the New Orleans City Attorney and the attorney for the plaintiffs present and an injunction will be decided after that.

For now, what we need to do is let the legal system work. We have a very strong case that has been in the making for months now. We all knew that this day was coming, so preparations were made and have now been implemented. The time for phone calls and writing has passed. The judge wants all sides to calm down and that is what I am asking all of you to do. It will do no good to aggravate the legal system when we aren’t losing anything. The monuments still are where they have always been.

What we will need is financial help. Like the doctor said when Lincoln was born, “This is gonna get ugly.” It is also going to be expensive. The plaintiffs, of which the Beauregard Camp No.130 is one, have raised money for legal fees and the Heritage Defense Fund has helped so that we are even money with the attorneys for now. That won’t last. Please send whatever you can because come January the fight will be on.

The address to send to is:

Beauregard Camp 130
P.O. Box 145
Arabi, LA. 70032

Please put in the memo line of your check “Monument Defense”

Gentlemen, I know that you all want to storm the gates but please let the people who have handled this awful situation since August continue to do so. They have all proven to be quite competent. I want to thank the P.G.T. Beauregard camp for taking the lead in this. I also thank CIC Kelly Barrow and the GEC for their leadership and support.

Thanks to all of you. Keep praying for justice.

Thomas E. Taylor
Commander, Louisiana Division
Sons of Confederate Veterans

These are the sentiments of Roy Guste, a lifelong New Orleanian who’s family founded Antoine’s. He is a very well respected figure in New Orleans who’s love for the city is deep within his soul.

“I think the best solution is to add a plaque that explains the history of the man, the statue and the change of attitudes through the years. Taking these landmarks down is foolishness. No one I know has any problem at all with these monuments and that includes all of my African-American friends and co-workers. My belief is that Mitch Landrieu created this issue to gain more popularity with African-Americans in New Orleans and across the state. After all… after being mayor of New Orleans his next step up will be Governor of Louisiana. The creation of this unnecessary issue is causing more racial divide in New Orleans than anything I have experienced in many a year. I am a native from a family that came shortly after Bienville. We have lived through the entirety of the history of Louisiana and New Orleans. Natives see no problem with the monuments. It seems to be only outsiders, people who have moved here or people who aren’t even from here or living here who seem to have the loudest voices against our history. Their opinion means nothing.”

Roy Guste


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