Reasons not to Remove the New Orleans statues

—-or anywhere else for that matter.

Only a couple of examples. For more reading go to —-

Official report relative to the conduct of federal troops in western Louisiana during the invasions of 1863 and 1864 Compiled from sworn testimony, under direction of Governor Henry W. Allen
Published 1865

Page 64 —
A Capt. De West, of Mower’s division, with two privates; after pilfering sundry inconsirerable articles, espied a silver watch on the persou of a Negro man. He was in his master’s yard, watching the extraordinary spectacle of white men stealing in the open day, little dreaming that his own watch was in any danger. They relieved him of the encumbrance very speedily. (Affidavit No. 9.)

A characteristic instance of their affectionate care for the blacks is developed in affidavit No, 4. The affiant, you will perceive, is a free Negress. —– She speaks with feeling of the loss of her sheets, table cloths and looking-glasses, her knives, forks and plates. Perhaps I shall be more graphic if I transcribe her own words. “The Yankees,” says the woman, ” came to my house the first day they entered town, and commenced stealing my poultry. On seeing me they asked who I was. I told them. They asked me who my master was. I said I had no master, that I was a free colored woman. They said I lied and that my master was hid. They commenced pillaging the house, taking out my knives and forks, plates, and table cloths, sheets, and looking glasses, and then palled down my house, which was a frame house- They asked me who the house belonged to. I told them it belonged to me, at which they cursed me, and called me liar again, and said niggers could not own property in the South, and before they stopped the house was cleaned pulled down, and even the bricks taken out of the chimney. My own clothes, and my daughter’s, a grown woman, were all taken by them—among them some merinos and lawns, and my husband’s gold watch, which I minded more than the clothes. My husband has been dead two years.”

Page 65 —

The daughter of this free Negress, (Affidavit No. 6), went on the same day to Gen. Mower, and told him his soldiers had stolen ” all her clothes, bonnets and jewelry.” She got no satisfaction, and made no further effort to recover them, nor did she get back anything. ” The Yankees said we should not have our things back; that they knew they were not ours, for colored people were not allowed to own so much property down here. * * * I went to Col. Shaw and told him the Union soldiers had killed and taken away my mother’s hog, and had taken all of her provisions, and wanted him to give me some. He said I could go and kill some of the rebels’ hogs ; that if I wanted to stay down here, I could get the rebels to feed me.”

The most horrible incident I read—

The Civil War reminiscences of Major Silas T. Grisamore, C.S.A.
By Arthur W. Bergeron

Page 123 – Passing into a sugar house nearby, I saw one of the most horrible sights I ever witnessed. There were about fifty Negro men and women lying around, some of them dead, others dying, some of them being eaten by worms before life was extinct, the whole scene presenting a panorama of fifth, destitution and misery, that it is to be hoped it will seldom be seen again in any country. The roads from Franklin to Tigerville, were lined with negroes half starved, destitute of clothing, and unable to help themselves. The only question of the poor wretches who had been two months experiencing Federal sympathy and charity, was the inquiry of their master was coming after them. Hundreds of them were taken back to their old homes and their lives thus saved by their former owners.”

All of this occurred when Yankees came to town waving the UNITED STATES flag


4 thoughts on “Reasons not to Remove the New Orleans statues

  1. I’d like to recommend Rebels on The Red: Confederates of The Red River Campaign. Now, it doesn’t talk specifically about the topic in the post. However, it has an Order of Battle of all the Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Missouri regiments that fought in the campaign. It also has photos of the leading officers and men of each regiment. It’s particularly interesting to me, because it mentions the 9th(Lamar) Texas Artillery. Which was from the county I live in, here on the Red, in Texas. Overall, the narrative conveys the sense of men in grim circumstances, beating back a cruel, callous enemy with determination and succeeding. Above all, it’s a testament to the men who fought and died for Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas and Missouri. It’s given me a greater appreciation for Confederate monuments here in Northeast Texas and over in Louisiana.

    • Thanks James I will certainly check out the recommended book. I go through the ORs but they are nothing like a good book that has first hand accounts.

      In the coming days I will be posting atrocities from various states that show why these monuments to Confederates should be remain in place and should be honored. I have noticed that those who would take them down cannot come up with one real reason why they should be removed.

      • Well, the arguments I’ve seen, other than the usual ones about Black folks being offended, comes down to the fact that some hard core Neo Yankees are offended by the continued existence of the South in general, and Southrons’ unconquerable pride, in particular. It particularlary offends their social activist conception of America, which is rooted in Northern supremacy and culture. Attacking our monuments and symbols are all that they have left, short of things that would get them thrown in jail for serious crimes.

      • Too if you notice they just do not have the facts to present on why a particular monument should be removed. They do not have the supporting facts to engage in a civil debate about the WBTS. Every time they do , which is seldom they come up as losers. I remember the issue of Genl. Forrest in Memphis> You should have heard of all the lies and mis-information being told to support removing his statue and even removing the bodies of him and his wife. LOL I remember Glen Beck, even had a replica of a WBTS sword on one of his programs, telling his audience this is the sword Forrest used to kill and skin surrendering Negroes.

        Pride — I think you hit the nail on the head.

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