Another Biased blogger exposed

It appears that Nick Sacco with his bigoted and biased views of Negroes serving the Confederacy cannot deal with facts. It is evident in his responses he refuses to read post information, yet wants “documentation.” I tried to make the response to his post below but for some reason I kept getting this cannot be posted message, length perhaps???

Oh well below is the last massage Sacco sent to me and my response. Oh well what can I say, he always has the support of the likes of Jimmy Dick, Al Mackey, and Rob Baker LOL LOL LOL

In response to post at

Nick Sacco October 13, 2015 at 10:53 am


I have engaged in a prolong discussion with you on a number topics after you posted your thoughts here, on this website. I have tried, within those conversations, to address your claims squarely and fairly. Your last post about me on your website was unfair and derogatory, and I felt like it was pointless to continue the discussion under those circumstances. I will write some final thoughts right here in regards to your claims about “loyal” blacks fighting for and supporting the Confederacy.

Your SHAPE website does not prove that 10,000 blacks supported and fought for the Confederacy. The vast majority of your evidence involves pension records for former slaves who were impressed into the service of the Confederacy, mostly as cooks and servants for their masters. They were not soldiers but enslaved camp servants who were forced into this particular position. Various Southern states offered pensions to former camp servants in the 1910s and 1920s, and these are what you cite. They do not tell us, however, that these black camp servants were in the position that they were because they chose to do so under their own free will and out of a genuine sense of loyalty to their enslavers and the Confederacy. Where is the documentary evidence from the voices of 10,000 “black Confederates” individually confirming that they fought loyally in support of the Confederate war effort?

No reputable historian has ever claimed that 10,000 blacks “fought for” or even voluntarily “supported” the Confederacy. Mississippi Now has a good article on these topics here: and there is a multitude of other thoughtful discussions that have popped up online about the idea of “Black Confederates” in recent years. The pension records don’t tell us the story you want us to believe. I am not going to do any other research for you in finding these other resources. That’s on you.

Once again, I do not doubt that there are some isolated incidents in which blacks did some sort of service or offered support to the Confederacy out of a genuine sense of loyalty, but your numbers, interpretations, and conclusions are completely off and in fact irresponsible. How you can claim that 10,000 blacks were “loyal” to the Confederacy is completely beyond me. There is no definitive “number” that we can responsibly give to this question, although we can reasonably say that it’s nowhere near 10,000. I am not going to bend my interpretations and the historical record to suit some sort of agenda. Now please, *please* stop making false claims and attacks towards me and about me.


Again you have never engaged me in a prolonged discussion, at least not one that I can remember. Don’t whine about any comment on Cold Southern Steel, you were treated there better than I was treated here. That is fact.

You haven’t proved that not one of the 10,000 or so names or number of people listed on that website did not support the Confederacy. In fact I doubt very seriously you actually a whole page. So they were former slaves, how does that prove they could not be loyal to the Confederacy? If you would have actually read the entries you would have know there were free blacks listed also. I know all about the camp servant argument, it doesn’t hold water. Where are your voices of the 180,000 former slaves who not treated equal in a separate unit and forced to fight for the Union. You see you have nothing but a straw man argument.

I know all about Mississippi and several other states. I also know several websites including the Official records that does support Negroes serving in the Confederate ranks. If you had actually read some of the “Negroes In Gray”website ( you would have found all the documentation you could ask for.

You haven’t done any research for me!!!!!!!! Besides what sort of historian would openly say he refuses to find the truth. Thank you for showing your true colors!!!!!!!

Once you haven’t a clue what you are talking about, it is obvious you are biased in your opinion. I haven’t made any false claims about you, everything I have said is absolutely true. Post these false claims or just admit you are lying.

Oh and if you really would have read Negroes in Gray, then without bias you would admit I am right. There is info there that leaves no doubts.


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