Al Mackey prove your statement

Confederate Heritage Advocates Don’t Know History

AS I have told you Mackey, anytime, any place, how about right here. I don’t mind you showing your bigotry and ignorance on my forum. You banned me from your cheap, lying blog because you could not stand to be proven wrong. You, like many others cut from the same cloth of ignorance and bigotry won’t come out from your little turtle shell of protection and have an honest debate.



23 thoughts on “Al Mackey prove your statement

    • Folks, normally I do not approve Corey Meyer’s comments, they are usually noting but bigoted trash and he just isn’t worth investing the time in his biased arguments. I will say I did get a kick out of his pathetic attempt to defend Al Mackey’s ignorant comment about Southerners knowing less about the WBTS than those bigots who do nothing but attack the Confederacy.

      What does Corey do he send me to another BIGOTED and BIASED blog that is somehow suppose to prove Mackey’s statement. All this does for me is prove Mackey is not as smart as he thinks, needs some of his lackeys to defend him, and he has no backbone for a honest debate.

      • You can pan the study all you want. But, usually in scientific polling, if you disagree you run your own study to try and prove them wrong. Can you do that?

      • I don’t have to make a study I can just post your ignorant comments!!!! Oh a study just watch Watters World sometime when they go on the street of Yankeedom. Stupid people and they are not Southerners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Typical deflection from our immature friend GP here, notice he didn’t answer your question. Of course anything he doesn’t like is biased and bigoted haha. He asks for proof but the post was based on results…even when provided what you ask hed just deny it again…but the irrationality is expected at this point.

        No GP that’s not why u were banned from Al’s blog. And it has nothing to do with him being afraid of you proving him wrong…as we can see in the who owned fort sumpter post, you were completely shredded and your ignorance is displayed wholesale. The irony is that all you do is make silly immature counter posts for every post Al does because he embarrassed you time and time again. Please continue to “defend southern heritage” in this manner…haha what a joke. This is why no one should take your blog seriously. It’s just a series of obsession posts about Al.

      • Ricky,

        What question did I deflect on? You are right I do not anything that is biased, bigoted or just an outright lie. Looks like that is where you are headed already–hahahah. Again I have no idea what you are talking about, or who you are talking to., perhaps you can make yourself clear???

        Yes Ricky that is whey I was banned from Mackey’s blog. yes he is afraid to challenge me. Just as many of your friends are. Yeah I CAN SEE WHO OWNEED THE Sumter POST, I DID. Fact of the matter is I proved Mackey wrong a liar every way he turned. Facts presented prove this fact. If Mackey was shredding me why would he then ban
        me? You just showed us how smart your are. Oh and by the way, bring your whole bag of stupidity here and you can always use Mackey’s points and prove that he shredded me, you are more than welcome to take your shot. Insults and denying facts is not proving a point with facts and that is exactly what Mackey did.

        Now if anyone takes my blog serious or not, — I REALLY DON”T CARE!!! For several reasons–
        1. You are here defending Mackey, he is not defending himself
        2. Anyone reading this blog can look up the facts for themselves and see Mackey is lying, is biased and bigoted.
        3. You have just proven you are not smart enough to compete with facts.

        Let me clue you in, this is my blog. I will post what I want. The facts that I choose to prove Mackey is not telling the truth, he is bigoted and biased is my business. Mackey has never embarrassed me, he is just not smart enough, neither are your friends cut from the same cloth, you know who they are.

        So Corey Meter in a nutshell, if you think your stupid self has the knowledge to take me on in a debate about Sumter, you are more than welcome to try. You may consult with your friends above for info and what little puny facts that may have, but up front you are going to lose. You will conduct your stupid self in a civil manner at any and all times, why BECAUSE I SAY SO.

        Don’t bother coming back with I’m Not Corey, I am almost certain you are.

        Good day.

  1. Corey I can always count on you and the little circle of jerks you run with for ignorant statements can’t I??? Now mama told me not to argue with fools and never mistreat dumb animals. That being the case, and having had my fun with you, you are dismissed. Your ignorant post will not show up again until I need them.

    TRY ME

      • Sorry to disappoint, but I am NOT Ricky and he is not me. I have always used my name here and elsewhere. It’s Connie Chastain and the Virginia Flaggers who are paranoid that others who comment on their sites are me using an alias…lol

      • And if you are going to assume that I am Ricky there need not be a discussion on Sumter because you are dead wrong from the beginning.

      • Corey I am gonna tell you ONE TIME and ONE TIME only. You are not here to question me on why I believe anything, you are here to post facts about Sumter, nothing more. You are here because I allow it and I have told you in the past I would never let you post here again because of your insults and badgering and your crybaby ways.


      • Oh, I see…you are a dictator like Trump…well then…Go Fuck Yourself. You don’t know shit about history and its a waste of my time to debate such an imbecile.

      • Well I did give you a fair chance to show us what you know– just like you requested. You blew it, not my fault. And yes I am an imbecile, but I am still smarter than you and Mackey put together.

        Oh and remember those studies that show how little Confederate Advocates know?? Well polls and studies also said TRUMP would lose too. The proof is in the pudding!!!!!!!!!!

        Yes and while I am having fun with your wife doing what you can’t do —-

        I knew your dumb ass would come up with an insult. You are a typical stupid ignorant Yankee. You are nothing more than TRASH understand me boy?

      • I dare you to post this to FACEBOOK. I don’t think you have the balls. And while you are at it send your little group of idiots this way and I’ll spank their asses also!!!!


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