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Dixie State University in Utah has elected to change its name because of the word Dixie’s association with slavery.

Mark Atkins commented that:

“This is beyond silly and would be akin to rejecting the word ‘Cuba’ because of its association with communism, or ‘Germany’ because of its association with Nazism.

“Or would it? In truth communism has so bled Cuba of vitality and relevance as to eliminate it as a threat. And of all the places in the world where Nazism might be reborn, Germany would be near the bottom of the list.

“But the South remains a real and present danger to the progress of Progressivism, and thus all Southern words, symbols, emblems, and anything uniquely associated with the South must be defined, then removed, and ultimately forgotten. Southerners, with all of their opinions, notions, and instinctive inclination to oppose them, represent a power that the Left still fears. Thus even a word as sweet as Dixie must be erased.

“That we inspire such fear in our enemies may almost be taken as a compliment.”

This statement is the absolutely the truth. Take for instance the attacks on anything and everything Confederate lately– the attack on names of places, statues and the true facts. These attacks comes from all walks of life regardless of position or education from the layperson out on the street with little education to college professors to Army generals. They are based on noting more than hate or bigorty at the very best.

Here is a great example.. . from

“Brigadier General Ty Seidule (Ret.), a member of the DoD’s commission reviewing bases and other military instillations bearing names linked to the Confederacy, explains what’s in a name. Seidule, the former head of the history department at West Point and author of Robert E. Lee and Me, a Southerner’s Reckoning with the Myth of the Lost Cause, is cutting through the mythology that he grew up surrounded by to reveal a legacy of racism and inequality that the nation needs to repair.”

First of all, Al Mackey is a professors at Virginia Tech, read his blog post I posted, read the related blog post that he has put up, note they are all about his and Seidule’s hate for anything Confederate.

Read backwards Mackey’s posts, note his unrelenting attacks on so called Southern Racism, white supremacy and hate. I’ll let his own own words speak for themselves.

Now as to Seidule I would love to ask him to back up his statements of racism and inequality . I would like for him to prove the bases name after Confederates are racist, they have anything at all to do with national security and they have somehow failed at training military personnel. I would ask him is the name for West Point gonna be changed because of Benedict Arnold’s surrender to the British.

I would ask Seidule why the Union army didn’t pay the Negroes in their ranks the same as whites. Why Grant didn’t want to use them in combat, why they didn’t have Negro officers. I would ask why didn’t the United States integrate their troops before the 1950s, while there were no separate troops in the Confederate army.

I would also ask Seidule to explain the Myth of the Lost Cause. I would love to hear exactly what he has to say after answering my questions.

Lastly I would ask Seidule about the so called “Jim Crow” laws and did he know they were in the North well before the South.

If you are wondering why I don’t respond to Mackey via his blog, the answer is simple he has banned me from posting. He cannot justify his posts with factual responses and I have proven him wrong time and time again, he took the easy way out and banned me. It is just that simple.

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