This is a good joke

Al Mackey send us to a blog GPB news at

The title of this particular article is Why Understanding Civil War Monuments Matters Ok nothing so bad there reading down I notice they DID NOT interview no pro-Confederate person. NOT ONE I am telling you. They did interview some anti- Confederate people like KEVIN LEVIN (OH MY GOSH) you know he is not biased.

At any rate they make the statement “but a new study about these symbols raises questions about how much Confederate enthusiasts known about the Confederacy.”
Let me just say this you will never know how much a Confederate enthusiasts knows about the Confederacy unless you interview one.

Let me also make this perfectly clear Celeste Headlee & Sean Powers, if you want to know how much I know why don’t you come here and debate me in a civil manner? Or you can bring yourself down to Mississippi and I will introduce you to some very educated and unbiased Confederate enthusiasts who are very capable of educating you. Either invitation is open end, show up at any time. A little advance notice on the Mississippi visit please.

Oh and anyone who can comment on the GPB blog, please pass these comments to Celeste and Sean.

George Purvis


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