And Mackeys 2nd attempt at showing hate

In this post Mackey comes right out of the box calling pro-Confederate marchers “white supremacists.” I noticed he failed to call the anti- Confederate group of protesters any names. Why Mackey are you a bigot?

Trump has it right he called both sides for their actions.

I see that Mackey blames the pro group for the violence, yet he cannot prove who started the fights. Why is that Mackey? Were you where the first punch was thrown?? No you are too much of a coward for that.

I also saw on the new a few Black Lives Matter signs, could these be black racist, why didn’t you call that Mackey? When are you going to speak out about racism from that quarter?

Mackey never mind about answering these questions, we all know you have no backbone for a civil factual discussion. We know your heart is filled with hate for anything Confederate. We know you are a bigot, and we well know that you lie about the facts of the War Of Northern Aggression.


2 thoughts on “And Mackeys 2nd attempt at showing hate

  1. George
    Mackey and all his pals are to be blamed for all of this violence. They are not directly involved except for their writings which give the left the idea that they are vindicated for attacking peaceful demonstrators because the folks who want to preserve our heritage are racist. Just look at the articles Levin has published calling for the destruction of Confederate monuments and history.

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