Not the Cause of War

Nick Sacco ask at his blog page here

where can you go to find source documents of the causes of the Civil War.he goes on to tell you to checkout a website here

I glanced at the website, it is well-done and easy to navigate. I give the author an A for that. As far as content, it really is hardly anything of use there. As usual you can find your speeches made by Southerners which is supposed to proclaim slavery as the cause. Very little on the actual causes of the war. for content I would give him a C. I say go there waste some time reading and increase your knowledge.

Mr. Sacco also suggests that you view the Secessi0on documents as a source for finding the cause of the war. Go ahead and read them but make sure you get the unedited version. A quick search of said website leads me to believe that these are the unedited versions. Sure read them they are a valuable source of info.

Perhaps Mr. Sacco will be kind enough to tell us what the Secession documents are all about. Give us the cause if you will.

My opinion is this you are not going to find the cause of the war in the secession docs. They are just what the title implies “causes of secession” a list of grievances if it please you. They DO NOT ven come close in telling what the war was about.


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