The Truth about the Battle of Liberty Place

It never ceases to amaze me how some “historians” or those who want to post blog articles about the South always leave about half the facts out of their articles. Such is the case with Nick Sacco in his article Reflections on the Battle of Liberty Place Monument and the Political Nature of Public Iconography at

Letts’ take a look shall we?

Mr. Sacco’s first paragraph he states the White league is made up of “ex-Confederates and white supremacist.” My question to Mr. Sacco is how do you know they were white supremacist ? By the inscription on the monument as you posted??? We will get to that later.

Anyway this battle was a uprising against the RECONSTRUTIONIST government of William P. Kellogg. You can read more here at Wili. to get a good background on the vent.

As Sacco goes on with his narrative he tells us that the crowd was made up of ex-Confederates. he does not tell us that that the Municipal Police is lead by no other that Confederate General James Longstreet and some 4,000 armed soldiers. That fact is glaring omitted.

Another fact that seems to be missing is P.G.T. Beauregard was an active member of the Reform party that believed Blacks should have voting rights. Oh well these are just they sort of facts that you come to expect the “other” side will deliberately overlook as that tap out their propaganda.

In his third paragraph Mr. Sacco wants to lecture us about race relations in the South— Jim Crow and such. Where races relations any better in the North??/ I seriously doubt it. In fact was the Jim Crow laws started in the Northern states??? I am certain they did. Of course being of superior intellect Mr. Sacco is gonna tell us what his interruption of the statue is.

Moving along, I am getting tired of typing, so I am gonna make a couple of comments and then give you a link to read. These are points I want you to pay attention to—

Sacco’s Italian comment– wrong.

The Inscription on the monument note what the links says about it

You can read the truth at

And my last comment think about this–

What is the difference between a white supremist and say a black civil rights activist??? none. But that is a post for another day.


2 thoughts on “The Truth about the Battle of Liberty Place

  1. You’ve completely misread my blog post, just like you’ve misread every other post of mine that you feel the need to comment on with this blog. You have never made an attempt to meet me halfway or engage in a thoughtful conversation besides making inaccurate comments here and in my website before I blocked you.

    For the record, racism has and continues to be a national problem, not exclusively a Southern problem. I have never argued that it was problem exclusive to the South and I’m not interested in engaging in a morality play with you about the most enlightened section of the country.

    If you really get so annoyed with what I have to say, stop reading and commenting on my work.

    On thing I will say is that you are very passionate and I can appreciate that in you.

    Have a great 2017 and good luck with whatever it is you’re trying to prove to the world.

    • No Nick I have not misread your post. I read each paragraph and addressed most of them.

      Tell me why should I met you halfway??? Does the truth have a halfway point????

      If everything you said was the factual truth, I won’t get annoyed with you post. However it is not, and it is my right to correct the record.

      I never said anything about racism being a “Southern Thang” or being exclusive to the North. I said your interpretation of the monument was wrong, you version of historical facts surrounding the monument was wrong and I proved it with fact.

      Why does that upset you????

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