Mackey Proves He Is An Idiot

Oh goodness Al Mackey is showing us how ignorant and bigoted he really is. His post “Another Texas Idiot Rears His Ugly Head” at contains a couple of good gems in the content.

Mackey attacks Sid Miller, a Texas Agricultural Commissioner, because of this statement Mr. Miller posted to Facebook—-

” I understand that there are many different opinions about the War Between the States, the Confederacy, and even the flags that were carried into battle by those Soldiers who believed what they were fighting and dying for was right. I have my opinion and others can have theirs. After all, we live in a country where blood was shed by those on both sides of the Civil War to protect that right. The Washington Post is certainly entitled to their opinion. What they are not entitled to do is attempt to read the minds of my long-dead Confederate ancestors and determine that their actions and motivations during that awful war were treasonous.”

Mackey’s first attack is this —
So according to this moron, the confederacy was formed to guarantee free speech, and he obviously has no clue what he’s talking about regarding treason.

So Let’s see Mackey the college poof( not a typo) want to talk the reason the the Confederate was formed was to guarantee free speech. Well Mackey suppose in your infinite wisdom you tell us why the United States was formed? After all both the Confederate States and United States constitutions are virtual mirrors of each other. Do you suppose the Confederacy was formed for the same reason the United States was formed??? I do think so. And yes the Confederate Constitution guarantees free speech, check it out.

Treason Mackey. You think you are so smart, why don’t you prove treason. Better yet why don’t you tell us ONE confederate who was tried and convicted of treason. That should be easy enough for a smart guy like you. Let me give you a hint– 0, none, zilch. Got it?

Typical of your ignorance, bias and bigotry, you attack someone because they wish to honor their Confederate ancestors, American veterans I remind you. You attack Mr. Miller by saying He’s the one with absolutely no understanding of the Civil War and why it was fought. According anyone making a pro-Confederate statement is an idiot. I say YOU ARE THE IDOIT who has no understanding of the war or why it was fought. You haven’t the God given sense to tell us. Why??? You don’t know and besides you still think the war was about slavery. Typical ignorant bigot.

Mackey in his ignorance then makes the statement “Banning a flag from a fixed, permanent flagpole is not desecrating a grave, and confederates were not fighting to protect and preserve the United States Constitution.” Yes Mackey banning the Confederate flag is desecrating the graves of Confederate Soldiers. We might as well remove the US flag in Normandy and fly the French flag. True the Confederates were not fighting to protect and preserve the Constitution of the United States, but they were fighting against abuses of the Constitution and the laws of the land which were not being upheld. They were fighting for rights guaranteed under this Constitution.

In my opinion it is hard to believe that the good people of Virginia let you teach their children this trash. You bigotry is easy to see, your ignorance is easy to expose.

I didn’t think Mackey could get any lower but he just has to make a statement against Trump supporters I thought the Trump people were claiming their supporters were not deplorable xenophobic, Islamophobic fear mongers. Apparently in Miller’s case they were wrong.” Well Mackey I can see why you support Clinton, she is a liar and so are you. Birds of a feather fly together. Fear mongers well that may be true I mean wasn’t there just a new bombing in New York and New Jersey. Ain’t it your boy who is in charge of the country?

Geee Mackey see how stupid you really are????? Appears That Mr. Miller has got you beat in the smart department.


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