How do the myths about Sherman’s March line up with the historical realities?

Hello folks. I know it has been some time since I made a post. The reason for that I was engaged in a discussion with Scott Ledridge on “Lies Neo-Confederates Told Me” at Scott was a worthy opponent and had some well thought out answers which were more opinions than fact.

At any rate, I usually don’t respond to Mackey’s blog post when he cites interviews or works by other people. This one is different. ( I must remind everyone due to injuries in service I cannot hear the interview but I can tell from the comments it doesn’t present the truth about Sherman. In fact I am only going to post a link to one example of Sherman’s atrocities committed against the citizens of Georgia. Roswell Women. That should be significant proof of Sherman’s actions. You can look this incident up by going to the Official records at Read for yourself. For more atrocities you can also use the search term “Sherman” and read all about his actions. You can find what is reality and what is myth.

Other places you can read about Sherman’s atrocities is Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation and Education “Yankee Atrocities” at

Or Sherman’s memoirs at

Then we have this comment in the comment section—–
bob carey · March 30, 2016 – 11:17 pm · Reply→

I’m glad that you brought up this topic.
Although Sherman wasn’t a saint by any means he was not the evil that the Neo-confederates make him out to be. I believe that the real crimes committed during this period of the war were done by the Confederate leadership. In a military sense any bloodshed done after the Battle of Nashville falls squarely on the shoulders on the Confederates,and taking it a step further, in a political sense the same would apply after the re-election of Lincoln. Let’s remember that the Confederacy could have given up the fight anytime and I don’t think that they had any reasonable expectation of victory by late 1864.

Folks comments like this is a sure sign of ignorance


8 thoughts on “How do the myths about Sherman’s March line up with the historical realities?

  1. Mr. Purvis,
    I stated that the South had no chance on winning the Civil War after Lincolns’ re-election and Hoods’ skedaddle after the Battle of Nashville, you seem to disagree. Permit me to ask, under what circumstances did the South have any chance of winning after these 2 events?

    • Mr. Carey I am not sure what you are referring to. Perhaps if you could show me where I disagreed with you we could resolve the issue. Disagreeing about Hood’s action in Tn. doesn’t seem like something I would do. Perhaps it was another issue???

  2. Mr. Purvis;
    You wrote that my comment on Al Mackeys blog was a sure sign of ignorance. My question to you is what do you find ignorant in my comment?

    • Well first of all it was not just a comment. it is the way you worded the comment as well as well as the content.

      1. I find neo Confederate an insult.
      2. I have studied the atrocities committed by Yankee soldiers here in the South. They are absolutely unbelievable. Sherman is no different.
      3. What crimes would the Confederate leadership commit on their own people?
      4. How did, after the Battle of Nashville, the Confederates take the bloodshed a step further. Yankee troops invaded the South The Confederate were simply defending their homes.
      5. Why should the Confederates give up the fight. Why couldn’t Lincoln just take his troops and go home.

      When you make comments as yiou did you come across as biased and bigoted or just plain ignorant of the subject. .

      • Mr. Purvis,
        I will answer your points one at a time.
        1. You find the term neo-confederate an insult, what would you prefer me to call your ilk.
        2. Atrocities were committed by both sides during the war. I do think that the atrocities attributed to Sherman are a bit overblown by the South. Afterall if Sherman was as evil as the South puts him as then why did he offer such generous terms to Johnston at Bennetts’ Farm?
        3. I never said the Confederate leadership committed crimes against their own people, I said that any bloodshed after the Battle of Nashville is the responsibility of the Confederate leadership.
        4. The Battle of Nashville was the final nail in the coffin for the short lived CSA. There was no chance that the Confederacy could win after Nashville. If you disagree state the scenario where you think the CSA could have won militarily or politically after Nashville.
        5. The Confederacy did give up the fight,however it was 4 months too late for thousands of young men both from the South and from the North.
        Finally I am neither biased nor am I a bigot. I can assure you sir that I am quite knowledgeable on the American Civil War.

      • I. How about Confederate Heritage advocates, Confederate descendants or maybe Confederate researchers.

        2. Believe me the Union committed far more atrocities than the Confederates. Sherman committed hos fair share. I am not sure overblown is accurate description of Sherman’s actions. I have no idea, why did Lincoln start a war? At any rate that has nothing to do with his war crimes.

        3. Sure you did here are your exact words —– “I believe that the real crimes committed during this period of the war were done by the Confederate leadership.” Unless you want to play with words then you are proven wrong.

        4. Really what did you expect the Confederacy to do after Nashville? They were an invaded country, did you expect them to just roll over and to give in to Lincoln and his invaders. What would you have do if such was to happen to the US today?

        5. You will also find I have a bit of knowledge about the causes of WBTS, not so much on the battles and such.Yes the Confederates gave up the fight, but that still doesn’t make them responsible for the war or the crimes committed by the Union soldiers. If you are not biased and bigoted, then my best suggestion would, stop taking one side of the war and posting the truth. Another truth is Al Mackey is filled with hate for anything Confederate, I would suggest correcting him on his blog now and then.

        Best regards,
        George Purvis

  3. Mr. Purvis;
    You are very adept at not answering a question and at changing the subject.
    The crime committed by the Confederate leadership was continuing a war they could not win.
    The fact that Sherman gave more generous terms to Johnston and Breckinridge proves that he was not the demon you think he was. Joe Johnston even served as a pall bearer at Shermans’ funeral, would he have done this for someone who the Confederates considered a war criminal?
    I find Al Mackey’s blog to be both informative and fair, ask yourself when was the last time you said anything positive about the Union. If you find any statement attributed to yourself that is in favor of any Union action during Civil War lead me to it. I’ll settle for anything that may be critical of the Confederacy. I submit sir that you are the one who is biased and bigoted when it comes to the Civil War.
    Bob Carey

    • Mr. Carey,

      I answered you post point by point, you didn’t ask anything really.

      No the crime committed was by Lincoln starting a war.

      I am not interested in Sherman’s terms, I have never mentioned them. Please stay on the subject I don’t give a rip about who went to his funeral, got drunk with him or any of these dodges you are presenting to me.

      Sherman was no better than a war criminal he made war on women, children and old men. His men destroyed and stole their way wherever they went. If you deny these facts then you simply don’t know history.

      You would find Mackey’s blog to be informative, I guess I would too if I did no research and needed someone to tell me history. Why would I want to say anything positive about the Union. Give me one reason why I should. Here is your answer— They won.

      Well I am bigoted and biased, but at least I don’t have to tell lies and twist history to prove my points. I have the ability to actually research and find factual info.

      Confederate crimes indeed.

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