Another Confederate Flag Thug

Well the troll Al Mackey found himself another instance where a Confederate heritage advocate is unjustly treated.( It seems that in Kansas a fellow decided to put up a Confederate Flag in the school cafeteria. Of course you had the usual over dramatic reaction from a couple of Black Students. and this kid got suspended Te school district is investigating, Wonder what crime was committed?

Mackey closing statement is wonder if the school is using this as a teaching moment. Gee Mackey I think I said that in my previous post. Why do you jump on the bandwagon now?

I just love the comment that was posted. It shows us how smart Mackey’s readers are. —

Charles Persinger · February 2, 2016 – 5:38 pm · Reply→

If the Schwab’s want to “embrace their family’s history” they need a flag that doesn’t have a logo on it. How disrespectful!!!!

I wonder if that comment would also include the US FLAG????


4 thoughts on “Another Confederate Flag Thug

  1. Mackey is quick to call out Southorns for using the word thug but he is quick to use it to describe someone he does not agree with. A little hypocritical don’t you think Al?
    Keep standing up for the other side George.
    Deo Vindice

  2. Big Head Al Makey is a slob, a miscreant, and a man who wants to be somebody, and he has achieved this. He is a joke, a man who attacks all of the things that are honest and true, honorable history and honorable people of the Southern States and the 70 million American ancestors of Confederate soldiers and sailors. Americans, Americans who were attacked by the U.S. ARMY and NAVY, under a president who refused to meet with legal Southern representatives and to likely have prevented any violent actions let alone a war. But as Big Head Mackey will not admit, or most likely does not even know, that Lincoln wanted to create a strong Powerful Central government. He did not want states rights to continue, he wanted to end any vestige of the individual states to control what their people did, and the different laws and regulations, and to control it all from DC, just like the Liberals do today.
    So, Soute Carolina and Fort Sumter was his Gulf of Tonkin moment, Just as LBJ did in 1965 or so, Lincoln did a similar thing in 1861, to start a war rather than to first try talking with the opposition, he attacked and killed them. He was advised by his minions, it will take a few short months and this will all be over, but he was wrong. And after four years and 625,000 deaths and injuries, he got his way, and then he got a bullet in his brain. I am not in favor of assassinations per se, as Lincoln should have been hung for his war crimes, arson, robbery, rapes and murders, but John Wilkes Booth provided punishment. Lincoln and his war mongers were wrong, Davis, Lee and all the great men and women of the Confederacy were honorable people, Al Mackey is not qualified or worthy of being on the same planet as these great people once stood. God Bless The past great Confederate States of America and all the millions of current ancestors, continue to stand up against Morons like Bruce Simpson, Al Mackey, Kevin Levin, and all the other jokes who make noise and tell lies.

    • Thank you Jerry.

      I am in the process of transcribing, or perhaps I should say, correcting the transcription of some newspaper articles that describe more on the Unions motive for revenue. Look for these by Thursday.

      I am also looking for sourced atrocities and Negroes who served the Confederacy, if you have any please drop me a line by email.

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