The Heritage of Hate Strikes Again

Not a thing, but a person, Al Mackey. I am not surprised since I have put up this blog Mackey has kept his hate of for anything Confederaye front and center. In one of his latest blog post here he stoops to outright mis-representing the facts.

Let’s look shall we:

1. celebrates his “southern pride” by wearing confederate iconography on his clothing in violation of the school’s dress code.

Nope not true. The schools policy is clearly state in this article THe CBF is not mentioned at all.

2. How does Kulla explain the number of suspensions?
Kulla says they are a stubborn family. That may be or either he has a much right to wear a CBF as anyone has to wear a US FLag. Neither Mackey nor I knows what is behind these suspensions so it is best to let that dog lie.

3. Dontae isn’t the only student who has a problem with Kulla’s boorish behavior
Isn’t it amazing the only two students who have a problem with Kulla are the TWOBlack students. Now why do you supposed that happens to be? In all honesty have you ever met a Black who has not been attacked by the CBF? Come on be truthful.

4. “Johnson said he rarely saw the Confederate flag in the school before Kulla’s arrival.
So. What is the point being made? Is Johnson saying only his heritage can be honored?

5. So what do we have here? We have a young white man who deliberately attempts to antagonize black students with confederate iconography
Mackey you cannot prove that statement. Perhaps Johnson starts the confrontations and runs to the principal when he is handed his butt. And if KUlla is antagonize Johnson, is it any different than what you do with your lies and mis-information?

6. So what do we have here? We have a young white man who deliberately attempts to

No Mackey we have a fat, ugly man well educated in history who is a bigot, who hates anything Confederate and will stoop to any level to attack the history or the icons of that section of the country. You should be fired from your job and never offered employment in the education field again.

7. There’s a saying that you can’t teach a pig to sing. That metaphor fits this situation.
I know what you mean, it is easier to move a mountain than to get you to tell the truth!!!



2 thoughts on “The Heritage of Hate Strikes Again

  1. I wonder who pays Al to post his BS. He seems to get more mentally unstable as time goes on. I can’t for the life of me understand why he hates the South, did he have a wife that ran off with a good ole boy?

    • I have no idea Jessie. I wonder when he has time to teach his clas, carry on anything resembling a normal life?

      Look at Mackey, do you think he ever had a wife? I mean I really don’t know.

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