Trying to send a Letter

Trying to send some information to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, but their 1,000 character limit makes it very difficult to get a point across, This letter was to be response to a very inaccurate article found at

Really how accurate can an article be when it cites Kevin Levin on Black Confederates???

Below is what I sent


Mr. Suggs,

I have found plenty (10,ooo+-)of evidence of Black Confederates serving in both combat and non-combat roles.I encourage you to view some of the entries listed on “Negroes In Gray” at

Feel free to challenge any entry you think is incorrect.You may contact me at any of SHAPES websites or Cold Southern Steel, or my email address, which I assume you will get.

For the record I have challenged Kevin Levin to a factual online debate at his blog at or I have an open challenge to Levin at my blog, Cold Southern Steel at

Notice how quick he cuts off opposing views on his blog. That is the stand which he operates under.

Regardless of what you believe, or what anyone tells you, you should do the research to find the truth, Your readers deserve no less than that.

George Purvis
Webmaster– Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation and Education


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