Life in the Confederate Army

Oh my goodness, here we go again. Mackey has found him a book that supports his agenda of the war being all about slavery. This time it is written by a Confederate private, William Watson.

Note that Mackey only uses cherry picked pages, which Watson expresses his opinion, to support his argument the war was all about slavery, when clearly historical documents by the Confederate and United States government show otherwise. Watson never references these documents.

Another point to be considered is Watson was not part of the Confederate government and is not shown to have interview any top Confederate government official.

So how can you believe Watson???

On another point, Mackey disputes the existence of Black Confederates, the fact that the Confederate vets are also recognized bas American vets, even though documentation is presented from several sources, yet he will have you to believe the word of one man, a private mind you, in the Confederate Army and the cherry-picked pages he chose to use.


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