Confederate Heritage Advocates Duped Again

Recently I posted in a previous post a supposedly photo from Fox news showing a Black girl holding a sign


Well comes Brooks Simpson with his cheap blog, proclaiming I had been duped. Perhaps I was fooled, duped if you will. Not being in the news business or having any sort of knowledge of how things are done in that business, a person can see how it easy it would be to fool me, or you for that matter. Notice how Simpson is sorta like Johnny come lately — waits until the dust settles and then jumps in?

It’s ok live and learn.

At any rate Simpson usual lackeys, Hall, Dick, Mackey, make their usual derogatory statements toward me, which really roll off me like water off of a ducks back. But and as I say there is always a but, not one of them come to the defense of Lincoln. Notice that? Not one. Must be true then with all this academic super brains massed together and they cannot defend their idol.

Now I have admitted that I know nothing about the news industry, just think of their actions like this folks, they proclaim they are historians. People who are supposed in the know if you will, been to college, educated. Surely they have at one time or another have had hard copies of the Declarations of Secession in front of them. Now tell me how can you read these declarations and come to the conclusion that slavery was the cause of the war? Black Confederates would be another example of these historians not knowing, or more to the point denying.

So you say Confederate advocates have a hard time admitting facts, anytime you any of your boys, or your biased readers what to take me on discussing facts, we can do that right here. Show up I dare you.

Simpson maybe I was duped by photoshop or other internet trickery, tell me how does it feel to not get history right when documents of the period are readily available to anyone looks? Is it you are duped or just bigoted?


For additional reading related to Simpson post goes to

And of course there is this gem from Simpsons school


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