Will Mackey Report This???

Connie reports that Black Lives matter activist want Lincoln gone.http://mybacksass.blogspot.com/2015/11/how-sharper-than-serpents-tooth.html?showComment=1448206774665

I did not try to find this on Fox News.


Al Mackey.


After reading Mackey’s article I did go to the Fox news channel and could not find the article anywhere.


2 thoughts on “Will Mackey Report This???

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    • Left this comment at Simpsons blog. let’s see if it sticks.


      Well now I have your attention, bet you can’t prove slavery was the cause of the war. Andy you must have quite a man crush on me you seem to know quite a bit about me, are you jealous because I don’t follow your trashy blog?? And Andy, please take that cat off your face. Simpson what is your obsession with the VA. Flaggers and Connie. Dick you don’t know enough facts about the WBTS to make two sentences.

      Anyone from here want to challenge me? I am at Cold Southern Steel https://coldsouthernsteel.wordpress.com/

      Have a Dixie day \\

      George Purvis

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