Seeking the truth????

Al Mackey reports that a fellow by the name of William Holland and some of his kin have removed a Confederate maker from his ancestors grave. The reason is that other family members do not have information that proves service. Well golly gee, that is a statement can be said about thousands of WHITE CONFEDERATES with known service.

Of course Mackey says the SCV and UDC lied about his service, he points out Holland could not write, and he struggled financially after the war. These are Mackey’s reasons why Holland could not have served. Now honestly would any of these reason keep a man Black or white from serving? This is the kind of bigoted “facts” todays historians promote in place of real facts.

William Holland, descendant of Creed Holland states he only wants the truth. Well the fact of the matter is the truth is right in front of you. You because of your bigotry refuse to see it. The man applied for a pension. I cannot see anything in his on the Virginia website that tells me if Creed Holland received his pension or not. Even so Mackey and Holland go so far as to say this — “Even if he did serve, William Holland doubts his great-grandfather ever received a pension.”

Mackey in his usual idiotic way just has to get in one last jab at the Confederacy by saying this– “The SCV, of course, is continuing to lie, claiming slavery had nothing to do with the Civil War.”

Well Mackey I have said before and I will say it again, you nor any of the bigoted idiots you know can prove slavery had anything to do with the war. That is a lie and you know what that makes YOU??? You have tried to prove me wrong before, you are welcome to come here to try it again, I will make an ass out of you just like before.



13 thoughts on “Seeking the truth????

  1. Folks you no longer have to look forward to Jerry Dumford’s foul comments on this blog. I will put up with some off color comments but foul language that insults me I will not put up with. As Jerry’s name implies he is just to Dum to post here.

    Goodbye jerry

  2. George
    Looks like Jimmy Dick or Cory Meyers or some of the other usual suspects set up a fake account to mess with you. The fellow Jerry Dunford gives them heck on his blog and he does not hold back on language and content. I don’t agree with the way Jerry gets into vulgarity but he does get his point across sometimes . All the folks that follow Simpson, Levin , Mackey and the rest all call him Dumford thats why it caught my eye. It just shows what kind of a punk one of them really is, of course they are free to come here and prove me wrong. I am sure you would let them defend themselves.

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