My Challenge To Kevin Levin

Kevin Levin on his blog made this statement, I have yet to find a single piece of wartime evidence from a Confederate soldier, civilian or politician (before March 1865) that acknowledges that black men were serving as soldiers.

Now folks that is a pretty broad statement considering the many sources that are available and the number of researchers, including yours truly, who have ACTUALLY studied the subject. Levin makes his statements out of biased and bigotry instead of facts.

lets take a look at Levin’s blog post. You will notice I offer Levin a challenge, I will prove his statement wrong with documentation, all he has to do is admit that once I produce this documentation he admits the existence of Black Confederates. Levin being sort of spineless or historically challenged, not knowing any real facts on the subject, heehaws around and never really accepts the challenge. He decides the best thing to do is threaten to ban me. That is his modus operandi isn’t it?

At any rate I posted two Negroes, who did serve, just not quite what Levin was expecting—

1. Jenny “negro Girl”
Signed William Lonergan–Keeper
(Unfiled Papers and Slips Belonging in Confederate Compiled Service Records)
(How do you get a CSR? By serving of course!!! GP)

2. Negro— appears on a list of officers and men killed or wounded at Ft. Sumter, S. C. Oct 26 -Nov. 25, 1863.
List dated Charleston, Nov. 25, 1863
Remarks: Wounded Nov.8. Severely

Levin does stop way short of admitting these negroes are documented by the Confederate government, but he does not outright deny the existence either. You see folks I could have just as easily put forward the 1st Louisiana Native CSA and proved him wrong, I just decided not to take the easy way out.

Levin being all educated and such, teaching high school history comes back with one brilliant retort, So, now there are “Negro officers” in the Confederate army. Are you working with Ben Carson on this project? Your 15 minutes are up here. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the laugh. This will be your final comment. Now remember this sucker is a TEACHER and he misses the simple word ANDin the source given which makes all the difference in the world.

Note that Levin shows his racism by singling out Carson when he could have just as easily used any republican?

I did have a couple of other post, but Levin being on the losing side decided the best thing to do was delete my post a portion of which stated — I do have a POW record that list a Negro Captain, if anyone would like to challenge me—–

Then we have Jimmy Dick coming to Levin’s aid, adding his ignorance, like someone is going to believe his bigoted butt. That about says it all right there.

Levin, it is an open challenge, you can still come here and rove me wrong if you have the knowledge, you can bring anyone you so desire to help you out, but you will be civil. In the meantime do some real research and put your biased and bigotry aside.

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5 thoughts on “My Challenge To Kevin Levin

  1. George
    I don’t know if you have heard of this young man, Al Arnold, he is from north Mississippi and wrote a book about his 3GGrandfather Turner Hall Jr, called ” Robert E. Lee’s orderly” which can be ordered here I had the pleasure of speaking with him at the Beauvoir last weekend and bought his book. He is a fine young Christian man and proud of his Confederate ancestry. And by the way his black.
    Levin and Dick are hoping by jumping on the Confederate bashing bandwagon they will be able to enrich their bank accounts. They really are pathetic.

    • Jessie I have actually heard of the book, but have not had a chance to read it. I do recall their was some controversy about if he he actually served with lee or not. Do you recall?

      let me just say this I always keep something in my back pocket just for idiots like that, just in case they want to come out from their protective blogs and have a factual debate.

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