I got a good laugh

Al Mackey makes this comment on his blog –https://studycivilwar.wordpress.com/2015/10/16/the-neoconfederates-william-wallace/#respond

“William Wallace was born around 1270, which means he would have been around 11 years old at the time of the alleged quotation. No surviving document or eyewitness account places those words either in Wallace’s mouth or from his pen. Wallace also wasn’t “Sir William Wallace” until December of 1297.”

If you recall reading the comments from the last two post I put up, documents really don’t mean anything to Mackey unless they agree with his version of history. As many documents as I have posted on Negroes In Gray, he still denies the existence of Black Confederates.

Perhaps Mackey is not truthful?????


21 thoughts on “I got a good laugh

    • Corey,

      Sure they do. They are historical documents just like the Magna Carter, Declaration ,and the Constitution., To dismiss these documents proving Confederate service is to dismiss all historical documents.

      Besides they are documents you side cannot prove wrong!!!!

  1. Your are right, they prove that the south didn’t use blacks or slaves as soldiers. They were constantly denied military pensions like the whites who were actually enlisted by the confederate government on the grounds that slaves were not used as soldiers by the CSA government. They made a distinction and we should honor them based on that distinction and not make them into something that fits your version of history or to distance the south’s cause of slavery.

  2. I have been through all 518 of those pension claims from Virginia and not one of them is listed as a soldier nor given a soldiers pension because the state did not consider them soldiers since they were not enlisted as soldiers by the late confederacy.

    So now who is trying to re-write history?

    • Thank you Corey, you have just proved my point. Still I have been through 10,000+ records from various sources and I never claimed all these folks were soldiers. I said they supported the Confederacy.

      Now to your having read statement, I know that you have read the Secession Docs and Stephens “Cornerstone” speech, war uis not declared in either. Now if you can read the pension records and not get served, how do you read the Secession and Cornerstone and get war? See it is as we have been saying biased and corrupted history.

      Have you ever read this — THE PRIVATE SOLDIER.

      6. In the fullest sense, any man in the military service who receives pay, whether sworn in or not, is a soldier, because he is subject to military law. Under this general head, laborers, teamsters, sutlers, chaplains, &c. are soldiers. In a more limited sense, a private soldier is a man enlisted in the military service to serve in the cavalry, artillery, or infantry. He is said to be enlisted when he has been examined, his duties of obedience explained to him, and after he has taken the prescribed oath.

      General August Kautz’s, USA,”Customs of Service, for Non-Commissioned Officers and Soldiers” (1864), page. 11

      • How does a slave support the confederacy…did they have a choice. Why did so many when they had the opportunity run to their freedom behind Yankee lines? Those pension records do not so support or defiance of the confederacy…if you claim they do you are reading too much into those documents…but you are not a historian and would not understand that.

        As for Kautz’s definition, that applies to the Union, not the Confederate soldier. Nice try though. The south was very clear about blacks not being soldiers. If they were already soldiers why did they pass a law late in the war allowing blacks to enlist…albeit to late?

      • Just like the Union army, I am sure some, did some didn’t. Sorta like the draft from both sides. My point is that those on your team read into documents what fits your agenda, not what is true history. Now I have posted on Negroes in Gray documented accounts of Negroes either serving the Confederacy from various accounts. Some from the Official Records, some Compiled Service Records, newspaper accounts, diaries, letters, etc, yet you are gonna dismiss historical documentation and call yourself a historian. Come on Corey get real.

        The 10,000 I have is more than likely a low number. The fact is we do not know how many white men served, so to say 10,000 Negroes is the absolute number is just not accurate. That is why I keep looking.

    • No I have a job to be responsible for and a family to be with…sorry if that is a problem for you.

      Also, I asked you to post information from your website so that we could discuss it. I said I would but your site is hard to navigate and is simply a copy of other people’s work…so the ball was in your court and you failed to follow through.

      • Not a problem for me, but it sure took you a long time to respond.

        The website is up and has been. You could have picked a person, but since you leave it to me I will pick two entries.

        1. Jenny “negro Girl”
        Signed William Lonergan–Keeper
        (Unfiled Papers and Slips Belonging in Confederate Compiled Service Records)

        2. Negro— appears on a list of officers and men killed or wounded at Ft. Sumter, S. C. Oct 26 -Nov. 25, 1863.
        List dated Charleston, Nov. 25, 1863
        Remarks: Wounded Nov.8. Severely

        Now my good man, with documentation prove that these negroes did not serve the Confederacy.

        No the website is easy to navigate, it is simply a matter of going page to page and it is not a copy of another persons work. That is an outright lie.

        Yes I know how it is when YOU can’t produce facts someone else failed. Ho hummm so Kevin Levin or Al Mackey.

      • No its copied from another website in the internet fully and completely. I have been through the Virginia pension records and they are the same as yours that you claim.

        Neither of these prove that these blacks served the confederacy as anything other than slaves forced to work. Did they serve…sure in the purest sense of the word but you cannot prove they did willingly why common sense shows that they were slaves…not soldiers.

        Hell women were not allowed in the armies…sigh.

        This is too easy.

      • name the website I have copied. I really don’t care what you have been doing in the VA. pensions, you don’t know what you are doing anyway.

        Unless you bring fact that proves the two entries I posted did not support the Confederacy, your next post +will go to trash and you will not be allowed to post here again, I have gave you too many passes.

      • Never saw that website before, but thanks I will make use of it. If You were as smart as you think you are you would have noticed every entry on SHAPE is sourced back to the place I found it. Also how do you know they didn’t copy me? At any rate you failed miserably to prove I am wrong.

        No you don’t have to prove anything, nor do I have anything to prove you. You can continue to wallow in your ignorance and bigotry for as long as you want.

        YOU ARE DONE HERE!!!!!!!!!!

      • George if brains were TNT you wouldn’t have enough to blow your nose. Good think no one reads your blog or visits the site you claim is your but is only a copy of someone else’s work…nice.

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