Kentucky Jefferson Davis Statue issue

This is my letter to the kentuicky historical properties at

And to Kentucky Governor Beshear at

Gov. Beshear,

I recently read an online article that stated that seventy two Kentucky professors called for the removal of the Jefferson Davis statue from the grounds of your state capital. The reason given is the statues presence in the capital rotunda “minimizes the significance of slavery as a cause of the Civil War.”

Slavery was not a cause of the war. Only those with a biased agenda think so.

Keep in mind that Mr. Davis was more than the President of the Confederacy. He is one of the most famous Kentuckians that lived, Senator, Sectary of war, Mexican war hero.

I am certain that your seventy two professors cannot provide you with absolute proof the Confederacy was fighting for the institution of slavery. I am almost willing to bet the documents they present as proof will be the Secession Documents and Stephen’s cornerstone speech, which no original copy exists.

I on the other hand can, at your request, provide documentation that proves the cause of the war was the collection of money.

It behooves you to collect factual information from both sides.

I say again slavery was not a cause of the Civil war. To prove my point I challenge all seventy of your history professors to a civil and factual online discussion in a forum set up and moderated by your office.

The only question to be asked, do these seventy two have what it takes to take on one? Are they willing to put their reputations, and possibly their jobs, on the line to prove they are promoting unbiased history?

My best regards,
George Purvis


2 thoughts on “Kentucky Jefferson Davis Statue issue

  1. Slavery was not the cause of the war. That is not an opinion, but a matter of historical fact. Given that the President of the United States, the United States House of Representatives, and the United States Senate all publicly and explicitly declared that the war was fought to preserve the union, and given that there was absolutely no lawful authority for the U.S. federal government to wage a war against slavery, it is a blatant lie to say the war was over slavery. A blatant, bald-faced lie.

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