Should Kentucky Remove the Jeff Davis Statue from its Capitol?

According to what I have read at Al Mackey’s hate filled blog, something like seventy or so HISTORY Professors in the state of Kentucky have called for the removal of Jefferson Davis statue at the state capital building. Well first of all it is hard to believe that that many professors in any state would be that ignorant as to believe the cause of the War for Southern Independence was caused by slavery. This assumption is based solely on bias and bigotry. I say this because I have yet to see any documents presented that proves this statement even though I have challenged some of the most brilliant minds in the country, or at least they are in their minds.

Reading on down Mackey’ blog we find this paragraph–
Carol Dupont, associate professor of history at Eastern Kentucky University, was the driving force behind the letter. Two professors in the state did not sign the letter. According to Professor Dupont, “They basically saw it as trying to erase history, when it is actually an attempt to be sure what persons are put in a position of honor.” Personally, I think a professor of history ought to be smarter than to think moving a statue is erasing history.”

According to this website, provided by Mackey,, a statue of Lincoln the war criminal also stands. Now if these so called History Professors. DuPont and Mackey, believe that removing a statue IS NOT erasing history, and they are both speaking without any bias and bigotry , why are they also calling for the removal of Lincoln’s statue???

Think about it


2 thoughts on “Should Kentucky Remove the Jeff Davis Statue from its Capitol?

  1. I think the history professors should be removed from Kentucky. The state shares a border with Yankeedom, making their repatriation easy.

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