Al Mackey Shows the world he is Stupid

Seems if the Virginia Flaggers hired someone to do a fly by with the Confederate Battle flag and the words “Confederate Heroes Matter.” Somehow the word heroes got misspelled. Whose fault is it? I don’t know could be any person involved. At any rate Mackey thinks this is a reflection on the intelligence of the VA. Flaggers and calls them stupid. See

Well Mackey if you are so smart, why don’t you prove this error was the fault of the VA. Flaggers???


8 thoughts on “Al Mackey Shows the world he is Stupid

  1. Well the flaghead’s own photographer Judy P Smith was there snapping pics of the banner before it went airborne so maybe we oughta blame her. She’s as much of a PR manager of the flaggers as anyone else, they clearly have their best people in charge.

  2. I do not care how that no-talent clown’s name is spelled or punctuated. A nice camera doesn’t make you a photographer and a blog doesn’t make you a historian.

    • But you do care about proper spelling and that is what it is all about. You got caught in your own stupidity.

      I am a better historian than anyone you know. If you are so good why do you ride in on the coattails of the likes of Mackey???

    • Corey is that you? Dang hadn’t heard that kinda of bull from you in a long time. How you been? You still pretending to being a history teacher? You ought to come on down to South Mississippi the weather is beautiful this time of the year, my invitation stands.

      • I don’t think Moohammad and Corey is the same person, at least the IPs don’t match. Also Corey can post under his name as long as he is civil. I know I said never but I am a kind hearted Southerner.

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