23 Students at Christiansburg HS Suspended Over Racist Flag

Al Mackey is back to his name calling and putting his ignorance on public display. This time he goes wild at https://studycivilwar.wordpress.com/2015/09/19/23-students-at-christiansburg-hs-suspended-over-racist-flag/ using the word thug to describe the students and racist to describe the Confederate battle Flag.

Well Mackey offers no particular instance where these young men and women acted like thugs not of the racism involved with the flag. It is typical of Mackey to make bigoted fact less posts. However I could be wrong, perhaps Mackey is speaking of the United States Flag shown in one of the photos????

I gotta say I support these students, it is time they stood up for the truth and their heritage. Perhaps it is time to start bringing some of these people in charge to court and exposing their ignorance and bigotry???


2 thoughts on “23 Students at Christiansburg HS Suspended Over Racist Flag

  1. Wow just wow I think someone’s of his med’s. For a retired AF officer he sure doesn’t mind degrading his fellow Americans who have not violated any laws. I do believe that the parents have a 1st Amendment right to protest at the school. In all my years in the service I always believed it was sworn duty to protect those rights but I guess Macky must had taken a different oath than me.

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