Craigslist History forum

Recently I have been posting factual information to Craigslist History forum. because I am a Confederate Heritage advocate and take the Confederate side I am and all Confederates, on a continual basis insulted withal sorts of foul names and derogatory comments. The persons who disagree with me rarely ever post facts, just a biased and bigoted opinions. To read some of their responses one has to wonders if they really understand what they are reading and they have a basic understanding of history past the 5th grade level. You may ask why I keep posting there, well I refuse to be driven off the forum when it is my intention to post civil and factual information. Two I am sure there are those who have an open mind and want to learn, these are the ones I try to reach.

My response to kenguy has been removed.

Here are 3 examples
“First Shot” is a lie 2015-07-24 06:09

No one is doubting the incident. Simply it was not the first shot, it was the first NAVAL shot occurring AFTER Sumter was fired on.

The analysis is wrong. I provided information and you just laughed it off.

Unless you can admit your mistake…you are not worthy to continue posting.


Response to kenguy

NO) you said I lie. Turns out the shoe is on the other foot so to speak, —– apologize.

It does not matter what name you want to put on the shot, it was still the first shot in the Fort Sumter incident.

Your information was laughable.

“Unless you can admit your mistake…you are not worthy to continue posting.”

Great comment. That sounds a lot like a threat to me, agree or i’ll have you banned. This is just the kind of comments I love. they highlight the bigotry and hate toward anything Confederate and they serve to prove the ignorance and complete disregard for factual information.

If you have the power, go ahead and ban me, remove my post if that makes you happy. let everyone see just what sort of person you are. We all know that banning me is the only way you can make me wrong. I have made copies of these of your comments and mine, I will simply post them somewhere else. That is a promise.


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