And the Flag Comes Down

Rob Baker gives a short brief of the flag coming down in South Carolina. I know he is happy, even though his post doesn’t reflect much emotion.
Killing two birds with one stone here.

This short to to Cold Southern is not so much about what Baker posted but a comment made by Jimmy Dick. I also have a question

Dick’s comment is ”
Jimmy Dick says:

July 10, 2015 at 1:47 PM

I think all the work done by educators and historians everywhere helped pave the road for this event to take place. Men and women who used facts in their teaching have overcome the lies of the lost cause which created the mindset to demand change when this act of terror by Roof was committed. That rag is down and it is not going to come back.

I have went a few rounds with Dick, his strong suit is insults, not facts. This brings me to my question. Does anyone know of any real true facts that were presented in this issue that related to the Confederate Battleflag? Surely there was one presented and surely someone heard it but what was it?

I suppose a better question would be does facts really matter?

On another note these folks ought to take a little advice from Al Mackey who was so kind to post this image at


Where did the extra Confederate states come from??? From Jimmy Dick’s history class of course!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “And the Flag Comes Down

  1. While you went a few rounds with me you also lost each one of them. That is with or without insults, but with no facts provided by you.

    Have you sunk so low (been kicked off of so many blogs) that you now have to hang out on Craigslist history forums? Just so you know, EdX is going to rerun their Civil War & Reconstruction course starting Sept. 30th. Here is another chance for you to learn some actual history.

    Or will you be like KKKonnie and be too skeered to learn?

    • Well Jimbo first of all you have never beat me in anything insults included. You just think you have. In fact you are a legend in your own mind aren’t you?

      Criagslist was like many of the boards you SUPPORT, filled with lies and untruths, I went there and posted some truths and in fact not one person there could prove me wrong including you. The ones who responded to me did so with insults and not facts. Anyone doubting wI am telling the truth is welcome to go there themselves and read. BTW what are you doing there hiding behind an alias???? Coward. LOL LOL LOL

      None of us is scared to learn whay do you have to pick on an old lady???? Like I said coward.

      Oh I am gonna start a thread on CL just for you today. Look for it.

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