It’s about hate, nothing else.

Amazing —- just amazing.


7 thoughts on “It’s about hate, nothing else.

  1. I can’t wait to see the denunciation from Simpson,Levine,Mackey,Dick and the rest of the peanut gallery but most likely all we will hear is crickets along with the constant attacks on heritage folks.

  2. Have you seen the Facebook page; Union Million Man Militia? In that sly Yankee way, they admit that they’re Northern supremacists and that the “Union®” exists to benefit the Northern people exclusively, and no one else. There’s none of that clichéd “we’re all one country”, “we’re all one people”, talk. They don’t believe that nonsense for a minute. No Yankee really does. In a blurb about J.W. Booth, they admit that the government is not the U.S. Government, but the Northern Government, which exists solely to execute the will of the Northern people. Blacks, to them, are nothing more than pawns in their unending war against the South. Overall, it’s and instructive page which has nothing to do with “American®” patriotism, and everything to do with hatred of Southerners and maintaining and enforcing Northern rule.

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