Ignorance and Bigotry Win Again

Well folks all of America has just lost in the battle of rights with South Carolina taking down the Confederate Flag from a war monument. You say we all lost George? How. Well you cannot honor your ancestors memory on public places for one. The Confederate flag is gone from Fort Sumter, history is changed and I just read something about a bill proposed to block the park service from allowing groups to place Confederate Flags on the graves of Confederate soldiers in National Parks.

I’ll bet with this news Rob Baker, Al Mackey, Kevin Levin and Andy hall are messing up their jeans.

In other news:

Saw something about a woman protesting JC Penny “Suns Out Guns” shirt. better get them before they are gone.

A Federal Judge has thrown out the Washington Redskins logo, but they can still use the name Redskins.

Sanctuary cities coming under attack, it is getting to where it doesn’t pay to be an illegal anymore. Wonder when some of these folks gonna connect the dots and figure it was the fault of the US flag that got the lady in San Farn killed???? Time to take that flag down!!!!!!!!!!

I caught a glimpse, on Fox news, of an growing effort top change the flags of two states. Sorry I forgot which ones, but look for it. New York wasn’t one of them. Wonder when someone will realize those are slave ships on the Hudson Bay????


and this is the America we live in. Land of the free home of the brave


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