The Confederate Flag: A Cornerstone of White Supremacy

well Rob baker is at it again— trolling the web , looking for articles SOMEONE else wrote to support his hate everything Confederate agenda. I suppose he engages in this activity because he just doesn’t have the facts to support his argument. Let’s take a look at his newest piece of hate filled trash at

Baker first starts off with a link reference to Bruce Levine, a J. G. Randall Distinguished Professor of History at the University of Illinois. We know he is not bigoted since in his very first sentence he comes out with racism. Sure sign of an unbiased teacher. Not much left to say there.

Read more:

Next Baker jumps to Kevin Levin’s blog. No need to waste time on that site, Levin’s hate for the Confederacy is well documented on his blog. May I suggest the reader go to this blog , which has documented Levin’s hate and read it for yourself —-

Type “Levin” in the search box found in the left hand column.

At any rate it seems that Levin is ranting and raving about Alexander Stephens “Cornerstone Speech.” I for one am not going to either defend or condemn this speech> I am simply going to let the reader decide for himself if he chooses to believe Levin’s cherry picked quote or not. The entire speech can be found here

As you read the speech please pay particular attention to the notes at the very top and bottom of the page. That should give you an idea of how accurate this speech really is and just how much trust you can put into Levin and baker telling the WHOLE truth.

You can read Stephen’s speech “What I Really Said” at

Of course bakers makes a claim to discredit these documents, but he never discredits the Cornerstone. Wonder why that is? he even tries to get ahead of the game by posting the “Lincoln was a racist” remark. No need to address that at this time. As I said draw you own conclusion, but at least know the whole story.

As baker goes through his cherry picked blog trash. he attempts to blame all sorts of hate and racism on the Confederacy. he never once mentions that the US Constitution protected slavery, The 3th Amendment would have made slavery a permanent institution, West Virginia came into the Union as a slave state and the Emancipation Proclamation only freed the slaves of rebels not the loyal slave owner.

In short Baker only posts the”facts” that support his agenda not the whole truth. Typical.

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