The Confederate Flag Debate: A Few Good Sources

Rob Baker has made a post as titled above for a dew good sources. A couple of the names mentioned I do not recognize, but I do know that Andy hall, and Kevin Levin are biased in their views and highly regulate the opposing post that are posted to their blogs. Eric Forner I have never read anything good about him, here is a link article that I think is worth reading–

It sorta gives an idea of his views.

Tony Horwitz has an article here in which he states gen. N. B. Forrest is the founder of the KKK. Oh well so much for historical truth.

Nicholas Kristof at just much of the same bigotry and hate and fault7y history. Nothing new there

EUAN HAGUE HHHHHoooooo Hummmmm just more bigotry and hate.

Easy to see why Hall, Baker, and Levin chose these articles, they are hate filled bigoted, historically inaccurate articles that support the agenda of more hate and bigotry.

Let’s look at bakers comments. One poster, Ya era hora. says: I’ve been curious about their devolution, but I’ll wait for them to come here to bitch about how oppressed they are because they’re giant wastes of space…

We ya, I will give you the opportunity to debate me in a civil manner, no insults just facts. Do you have what it takes.



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