Spray Paint, Monuments, and Conversation

What starts out as a good article by Al Mackey “Spray Paint, Monuments, and Conversation” ends up just being another hate filled rant by an idiot.

Mackey starts out by pointing out it is not proper to deface statues and so forth is you want to make a protest. I agree with him on that. Mackey also points out these protesters should learn how to spell “matter” as in Black Live Matter. I also agree with him on that and I also suggest get some education in history so that you don’t across as a bunch of ignorant, prejudiced thugs, which you really are. these are excellent points by Mackey. Then he drops at near the goal line with this statement–

His statement — I’m also uncomfortable with honoring treason and fighting for slavery on government property,

See here is the thing, Mackey cannot prove treason or prove the South was fighting for slavery. These are just the arguments of a bigot.



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