Understanding White Privilege

Recently I wrote a little bit about my life in response to Rob Baker’s White Privilege article. Baker seems to have his panties in a wad a comes back with another article that is supposed to prove White Privilege

Taking points from his article Understanding White Privilege at https://historicstruggle.wordpress.com/2015/05/13/understanding-white-privelege/

As Jerry Springer says point number one. became distraught over a sentence I No Baker I did not become distraught, I simply wrote a response about this supposed White Privilege to show you I missed out.

Point # 2 — However, George’s white privilege is still a very real thing, and here is why. Nope never had any Privilege no one else had.

Point #3 ( this is a whole list of things—

Citizenship – Natural born citizens in the U.S. have a distinct advantage over immigrants. Always have, and due to the political structure, always will. All races are natural born same as me

◾Race – The obvious, being born white. I just point out I had no White Privilege Baker can’t you read? being a non white does not stop you from getting an education or working hard. The military takes all races. Isn’t it a fact qualified minorities do get job preferences???

Gender – Males have a distinct advantage in this country over females. Well that door swings both ways. Good looking men and women of all races get cat calls — Perhaps you should get in shape!!!!!

Class – Obviously being born wealthy has distinct privileges which the majority of the country does not enjoy.
I don’t know anyone born wealthy, all the wealthy people I know worked their way up. Besides there are wealthy people of all races.

Sexual Orientation – Often we hear of homosexuals being oppressed in the news simply because of their sexual preference. Well to be honest I never saw a male homosexual in the steel business, I did see several women Black, White, Asian, not sure what their sexual preference may be, but as long as they could do the job, I didn’t really care

Point #4– George and other people need to recognize is that I am not stating that there should be any type of guilt involved Don’t worry yourself about me feeling guilty, I don’t. Everyone has the chance to get up and go to work. Those that refuse I don’t feel sorry for them.

Point #5 —I noticed the story did not end with his arrest or his eventual lynching. No court in the country would convict me for defending myself. Lynching?? Really Rob? How many lynching do we have today. Perhaps if I shot a baby in the face—-

Point #6 — I debated on whether or not to write this post. Purvis’s online antics are known to be rather juvenile. I had no trouble in writing this post. Bakers posts are known to anti-white, ignorant and historically inaccurate.

White Privilege get you some today. It is known by another name— AMBITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Understanding White Privilege

  1. From Bakers blog
    “Well, I admitted that the post made use of his example, but I don’t consider the post to be for him. It’s for people who might want to learn.”
    Seems odd he talked in length about you and whats is he trying to teach, that he is a dumb ass?
    His kind cannot just disagree with your opion they have to try and attack you personally to make them selfs feel superior.
    He has an agenda to make sure he keeps his liberal (yankee) masters happy. I pity his poor students that have no choice but to listen to his BS in the classroom.
    Just to make sure he knows who wrote this,
    Jessie Sanford
    Petal Mississippi

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