“Our Art is a Reflection of Our Reality”

Recently Rob Baker made this comment White privilege is a very real thing. on his blog at https://historicstruggle.wordpress.com/2015/05/01/our-art-is-a-reflection-of-our-reality/ No remember Baker has a cushy job as a teacher.

I thought about that for about 30 seconds, maybe less, because I know it is a load of hooey. Since I have given this subject some deep thought, let me tell you about MY White Privilege

I was born to a sharecropper in rural southwest Mississippi way back when. I did manage to graduate from a high school which had NO air conditioning and very little heat as it was built in the 1920s. The high school was about 3 miles from my house and I had the White Privilege of walking to school for two years. The Black school was two blocks from my house and had heating and air, built in the 1950s. Our brilliant elected officials decided to shut down this modern school and keep the old one open

After high sch0ool I hade theWhite Privilege of either joining a branch of the military or being drafted. I chose to join the Navy. While I was in the I had the White Privilege of being named a boiler tender. Temperatures sometimes reached 140-150 degrees in these fire rooms. I was not the only white fellow who exercised his White Privilege because at most there were less than ten Blacks in our division, about 100 men. The ship was de commissioned and I was sent to the Seabees. While in this unit I had the White Privilege of working with all special forces units of the US military. While in the Navy, I had the White Privilege of losing most of my hearing, contacting asbestosis, almost getting killed 3 times, and nearly losing a hand. While injured traveling through Atlanta I had the White Privilege of being attacked by 7 or 8 longhairs. Let’s just say before Atlanta police showed up I was holding my own.

My White Privilege really kicked in after service in the Navy. It brought me a whopping $.90 an hour in one of the filthiest jobs I ever had. My White Privilege soon got me out of these and into a bottling company where I got a whole $.20 an hour raise. man I was living high on the hog!!!!!!!!!!!

My White Privilege soon decided I didn’t like this job, so it got me into the pressure vessel and piping field as a sandblaster. That was dirt but not as dirty as before. I now made $2.30 an hour. I begged these my supervisor to let me be a welders helper. he did and my White Privilege and I was on a roll. As a welders helper, I had most of face blistered, and burns were just part of the White Privilege of working long hard hours. I would stay after a 12 hour shift to practice welding so I could push my White Privilege up the economic ladder. In 30 some odd years of welding, my White Privilege got my eyes burned several times, numerous burns on EVERY part of my body, and constant blisters on my knuckles. MyWhite Privilege let me work in the cold, rain, sometimes sleet and snow, inside pre-heated metal ranging up to 300 degrees. Because of my White Privilege I have worked 12 hour days for 37 days straight and on my last job worked 6 weeks 14 to 18 hour days. At a pace like that you just become mechanical. Before I left the welding trades my White Privilege also gave me a hip and knee replacement, but not on the same leg.

In the comment section of bakers blob, there are only two comments one from Isabel, who never posts unless their is a race issue involved and some named Jonathan Winskie, whom I have never heard of. I would like to tell you folks I would just like to share some of my White Privilege with you.


5 thoughts on ““Our Art is a Reflection of Our Reality”

  1. I can say that I had the white privilege of working in a fabrication shop in Texas, in summer. 101′ F. , 78%+ humidity, ten+ hour shifts with half Saturdays. It pi$%$ me off when some snarky, little punk Yankee kid in New Jersey or New York claims that Southerners don’t work or pay taxes. I’ve worked since 1985 and I don’t recall my paycheck ever being signed by Guido, Vinnie or Theresa in “Joisey”. Nor., as they constantly claim, did they pay my bills, or buy my groceries and gas.

  2. Thank you for your service. A difficult life does not negate white privilege. It might be keeping you from actually understanding what white privilege is – Try to read George Lipsitz’s “The Possessive Investment in Whiteness.” Or Ta-Nehisi Coates’ reparations piece (it’s not about what you think its about). You won’t bother, but you can’t say no one tried to help you.

    • Bob,
      In my opinion there is no such thing as white privilege. White privilege is something that is earned by someone. Just because a white, or any other race, gets up off their butt and earns their way in life does not mean they are privileged.

      You are right I won’t bother reading these pieces because I really don’t need the help.

  3. Got my white privilege working for me.
    No cares in the world
    Came up the hard way as you can see
    But that happens with white privilege working for me.

    Now Baker and Meyers, both have it made.
    never get in the sun stay in the shade.
    never work in the heat, stay out of the cold
    Surely they will be healthy once they grow old.
    They must have some white privilege too!!!!

    They are jealous of my white privilege tell me what I think
    even though they don’t know me
    How’ is that? Must be the Kool-aid they drink.
    has it got white privilege that they don’t see.

    Now I never mentioned race in my post, Meyers did, but he is dumber than most.
    Baker has his panties in a wad, he makes a post about me,
    mentions I am a researcher, that is fine.
    At least I don’t claim to be a historian and be wrong most of the time.
    It is my white privilege that keeps me in line

    Now the point of all this, and I don’t jest
    Regardless of your color, you can do your best
    All you have to do is want to make it in life,
    get alone without any strife.
    Quit blaming an intangible object for your woes,
    get up and work you may get some white privilege
    who knows?

    There is no such thing as white privilege
    that allows us to get ahead, it is the desire to do better like I just said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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