The Texas Plates Case Drives to the Court

Al Mackey made a reasonable post at Concerning the issue of Texas getting a Sons Of Confederate Veterans tags with the SCV logo displayed. I think most reasonable people can agree with the right of freedom of speech. Honestly I have no problem with Mackey’s blog post. I do however have a problem with the dimwitted comment made by one Jimmy Dick —-

Jimmy Dick · March 24, 2015 – 3:48 am · Reply→

I wonder whether they can insert words that racist symbols cannot be used on the plates because the use of the symbol out of its natural historical context is meant to be racist and to inspire hate crimes as a result.

I’m sure the current make up of the SCOTUS would ignore any studies showing the racism involved with non-historical use of the CBF leads to hate crimes. You know very well that the heritage groups ignore that point.

Well Jimmy because of your comment,  this one’s for you —-

Two Men are Lynched in Marion, Indiana

Notice not one Confederate Battleflag in sight???? Story found at


10 thoughts on “The Texas Plates Case Drives to the Court

      • It’s obvious that’s “you” pointing in the picture. I’d bet confederate money that you have a stack of lynching postcards in a shoebox under your bed and bring em out at thanksgiving to pass around and reminisce with your family.

      • Oh wait isn’t that you mother in the foreground? Wonder which one of those men is your daddy. You know I heard—-

        Anyway you are done here. I knew sooner are later you would slip up, adding support to my statements on another page. It is the nature of stupid Yankees to insult because real facts just overwhelm your BB brains.

    • Carey or whoever you are, you know you are an idiot don’t you? You think its cute to try an insult people but it just shows what a coward and lowlife you really are. If you truly believed what you wrote you would sign your full name like a real man if indeed you are a male. If anything I have said offends you, my email address is contact me and we will continue this discussion.

  1. George
    I think ole Jimmy has gone off the deep end, his endless rants about folks like us shows his true agenda “HATE” he cannot entertain any one else’s point of view because……… by God he is right and anyone who disagrees with him is a racist, ignorant, their feet stink and they don’t love Jesus.
    I am beginning to worry about his mental health, his hate is eating him alive based on his many rants about the Confederate battle flag and those who cherish it and the men who fought under it.

    • Don’t know what happened to Jimmy Dick. Over on Backsass, he was gonna teach us all that the South was fighting for the institution of slavery. Whoosh one post and he is gone. I believe he runs up behind Mackey, Simpson etc. because he knows we can’t get to him there. I did sorta get the impression that Mackey is tired of his same old chant of hate and bigotry by the response Mackey made to him. We gotta remember it is not just Jimmy, it is whole bunch of people who wallow in their ignorance and hate. Maybe if I post some of the baggage the United States flag carries, they will at least tone down this hate speech.

      • Very true I have a suggestion for Jimmy, just stick to historical facts and interpretations and let the facts speak for themselves and stop these ridiculous attacks as it severs no purpose. I am constinley amazed that Dr. Simpson would demean his standing as an educator by encouraging this type of behavior.
        I guess all we can do as my grandmother would say “pray for them” cause they don’t know no better.

      • I agree. You and I know this, the facts won’t support their agendas, that is why they must spin the truth or insult. Insults are the reason why I won’t let some peoples comments show up, Corey Meyer, Rob Baker, Chris Shellie. Without their insults they are nothing. Dick, Simpson and Mackey, because they have no come here with insults, are free to post but they will do so in a civil manner. I have no problem with someone disagreeing with me, but I refuse to be, or have my guests, be insulted at every turn. The thing about me is I gave each one of those mentioned second chances and they were to ignorant to stop the insults. As you said , if they are so smart and educated, leave the insults at home, let’s deal with the facts and let the chips fall where they may.

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