Black racism is fine, white racism is a no-no. I just found that out. For an example let’s take a look at this blog post on Freedman’s patrol at https://freedmenspatrol.wordpress.com/2015/03/09/keeping-the-skeer-on/

The post is about the billboard with Forrest’s picture at Selma. The blogger goes on to say that Forrest formed the KKK, killed thousands of Black, murdered USCT at Fort Pillow etc. etc. You know the drill. he alsogoes on tosaythe Goodwin’s are racist because they dared to utter the words — WHITE HERITAGE – . gasp I have said it now!!!!!!!!!!!

At any rate I corrected some of these out and out lies that the blogger posted, and really did get him grudgingly to admit that that two facts were wrong. More importantly I steered him to the subject of Black History Month, which by any set of standards is racist in its very nature. This fellow defended the celebration of Black history to the very end.

SO TELL ME WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE??? If the celebration of white history and heritage is racist, then why isn’t the celebration of Black History or the celebration of any ethnic history racist? If one is to be honored all should be honored.

Getting back — anyway this Freedman blogger in a half hearted attempt to correct his outright ignorance or lies, made another post at https://freedmenspatrol.wordpress.com/2015/03/12/two-small-corrections-on-forrest/

he still insists that Forrest was a fiounder of the KKK and his actions before, during and after the war was his based on “keep the skeer oon em.” he never once mentions that the Goodwins statements involving white heritage, is no more racist than Black history or heritage.

To make a long story short, I factually disputed everything he said, which just ruined his day. he got mad and banned me. That is typical of those from the other side.The last posts that I made do not show up but they all civil, no insults and deal with the racism. I did point out that I have done more research on Black Confederates than most people. So much for a discussion on race as Holder and Obama call for. Oh well.


2 thoughts on “Racism

  1. George
    I always find it odd that folks like these lead you to believe that they have a strong desire to stamp out racism as they see it but are not brave enough to reveal their identity which pretty much destroys their credibility. They cry out about the Klan of the 1860’s but say nothing about the rapes and murders carried out by the Radical Republicans and their minions such as the freedman’s bureau after the war. They would not have been a need for the Klan if the whites of the South had not been subject to terrorism from the federal government. The anti-Confederate floggers won’t admit to this as it does not fit their narrative as being superior to we heritage folks.

    • Well Jessie, I think these folks live in their own little world where they believe they believe they can attack anyone with lies and information that cannot be supported by fact. I point this out facts to the person who runs the above website, but he would just not believe them. he had his little pea-brain made up to believe stories that are passed from street corner to street corner. I know he thinks he is right but his post was so far from being factual, it was just unreal. Did you notice his comment, he was being anti-racist by being racist? What a hoot.

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