Billboard Controversy

In the last couple of days I have visited and posted to couple of blogs whose information is so wrong it is simply astonishing. It seems there is some made-up controversy about this billboard–


According to these website this billboard was put up by the KKK before the Selma march to intimidate marchers. To be honest I have no idea when the billboard was put up. What I do know is the group “Friends Of Forrest is not part of the Klan and the articles are so filled with lies they are not to believed. I will not address these lies here, if you would like to read my comments they are posted to each blog whose links are at the end of this page.

On one of these website the Forrest quote “keep the skeer–” is used. This only thing I can find out about this quote is “Get ’em skeered and keep the skeer on ’em” Forrest to Lieutenant Morton.
Does anyone have any more to add???

The only questions I have is this, do the authors of these articles REALLY believe what they have posted is factual? If they know these facts are not right what was the purpose of posting these lies?? Is their purpose to create hate between the races??



20 thoughts on “Billboard Controversy

  1. George
    Those folks don’t care about the truth, they are like the schoolyard bully who likes to bully people so he can be the center of attention, believe my friend they are many more who don’t buy into their blatant lies.

    • So??? I saw nothing racist in the video. The people are just proud of their race and want to preserve it. It is the same thing people of other races say. What is wrong with that??? Let’s take a look— the NAACP for it’s name only, Black History Month, Kawazaa, the comments and actions of Holder, Obama, Ferguson and rap music. What is it about white people you don’t like??? Shall I go on????

      • Got nothing against white folks, I’m a white folk. If you were in Selma in 1965, what side would you be on?

      • What? How is that a scenario that could ever possibly happen?

        P.S. The Vietnamese, obviously.

      • Well what happened to the dinosaur could happen to us. Nice try but you still come off as a white racist. Vietnamese is a nationality not a race.

      • Well then we’d all be dead I guess?
        How did you survive the first dinosaur apocalypse?

      • LOL LOL LOL so that is all of the civil discussion you got yankee boy??? Is that as sharp as you are? You didn’t answer my question so therefore you must be a racist.

        Well it was easy. We hid in a cave. I was gonna say hid under your mama’s dress but that would not be appropriate.

      • You’ll have to be more specific because I have two moms, happily and legally wed in the state of Virginia. Both wear dresses.

      • Really don’t know wasn’t looking at the face. Had my face buried in a saber tooth tiger pelt, trying to get away from the smell.

        Here is the deal. I am not wasting any more time with your off topic comments. Either get on topic or you posts won’t show up.

      • Are you intimating that you ate out a saber tooth tiger ? I’m confused.

        I like white people, I like people of color. I don’t think we should celebrate downright meanness or historical figures that sought to subjugate other people using violence. (See: Forrest, Nathan B. ) You can project that out into a hyperbolic hypothetical and onto other people I guess and that’s ok with me too. Now, your turn, where would you stand in 1965? If you were in Selma last week, where would you have been and why?

      • I didn’t imply nothing– YOU ASSUMED. Just like you assumed the billboard was racist.

        Well you celebrate Lincoln he was about as low down and mean as anyone gets. While you are in Washington, D. C. spit on his statue for me.

        Well were do you stand with only one race inhabiting the world. Either answer or you are done. Don’t try to box me in you know it won’t work.

        I too like some whites, and some blacks

        I would have thought someone with a SUV address would be pretty sharp with some facts. I was wrong.

      • You are asking me to express preference for a group of people based on superficial physical characteristics – a preference I just don’t have – for a doomsday scenario that is not a real possibility. How can I answer a question so flawed?
        The differences we see as “race” are so genetically minuscule as to be scientifically insignificant. Sooner or later we’ll all be some shade of brown. Peace.

      • Actually I am doing the same thing to you as you are trying to do to me. What is your problem , can’t or won’t answer???

        I told you two could play that game. You should have took the hint.

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  3. Carey,
    I assume that since you have not bothered to post a comment for a couple of days you are done? I just wanted to say that you have could have answered my question by saying white. In fact I had rather you have said white and be honest than this other hooey you posted. Being proud of your race doesn’t mean you have to be a racist. Grow a backbone, man up.

    • Nope. Sorry, I just don’t feel that way.

      And everyone already knows you’d still stomp John Lewis today if you had the chance so twist all you want, your words don’t matter anymore.

      • Well there must be one race you favor than the other. Right now it looks like you are ashamed to be white. It is just my opinion that those who doen’t favor their race are the most pathetic individuals on earth.

        All we have is the John Lewis versio9n of events . Your comment, like all others you have posted, I am a racist, I hate queers, I am primitive and ignorant, is nothing more than an assumption. I have been in several protests and I know in a group there are things done on the sly.

        I am not twisting anything simply stating facts. I’ll bet given an location other than a Confederate heritage site you would make a choice.

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