Rob Baker and his false claims

Well our beloved village idiot Rob Baker is back spreading his ignorance again. This time he is trying to make the connection between Confederate heritage advocates and the KKK. He uses this example posted at
the Huffington Post reported that Washington state residents found anti-Muslim fliers on their windshields which originated from the Klan. Similar incidents occurred earlier this year in Pineville, Louisiana but this is nothing new in 2015

Now by some maximum stretch of his feeble imagination Baker tries to connect Connie Chastain to the KKK by using her post at —

Once you get there click on the red “Isis beheads” and watch the video Once you are on the “Backsass” pages look to the left side of the page and find more reasons why Connie doesn’t want Islam in this country. Heck it is no secret.

Now tell me who want these things to happen to their kin? Speak up, let’s hear it.

Now the fact of the matter is Baker doesn’t post the link to this post nor does he tell us of a video that accompanies the post. Baker wants tolerance in this country, how about some tolerance for Confederate heritage? Baker also does not tell of his hate and bigotry for anything Confederate and true facts of the war such as Black Confederates. Don’t take my word, go to his blog and find out for yourself how Baker speaks with forked tongue.


One thought on “Rob Baker and his false claims

  1. Association is another classic, Leftist tactic. There seems to be a close connection between Communistic thinking, Cultural Marxism and Northern Supremacy. I went to his blog and it mostly shills for why Yankees should rule America, plus the usual multi-culti social engineering.

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